Hurt, but still want to keep fighting

Back to the place where i was supposed to be. Its very difficult fighting alone , more like i cannot understand myself yet. You may think while i was away i was studying very hardly, but thats not the truth. instead i fell deeper into the pit. ngl i relapsed 10 times in three days and i stopped believing in myself. I can’t help but be sad about how i turned out to be in last 1 year; everything that i had improved in 2020 has gone in vain , i have to start again from 0. And the only thing that can help me now is this app. because it has helped me many times in the past.(plz don’t ask me about syllabus cuz my preparation is not very good till now). Thnaks for reading and yes im back and i want to start over again.(ps: Due to anxiety and depression i have lost some weight too)


More power to u buddy

U did it already…this is ntg new… just stick to the basics and regain ur form…

Create some challenge here in forum… i find that makes us hyper responsible… and we’ll also get a chance to participate from one of the most creative personality.


Oh bhai, kya haal chaal!
For a moment I didn’t recognize you without the Ash Ketchum Pfp :sweat_smile:.
No worries bro, tension nhi leni hai itni. I have also not been going great for last two weeks, but aiming to regain control again.
And there’s still 2 months for your exams, that’s actually quite sufficient time.

And yeah welcome back mate! Get up and going :muscle::fire:.


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