How to get a girlfriend

Hi guys

I need someone with whom I can share my feelings. I desperately need a female companion. I don’t know why I m strongly feeling a need to have a female in my life.
Can you guys tell if how to get a girlfriend ? Where can I get it ?
I’m 24 years old single boy who never had a girlfriend.


When you start to respect yourself, and start loving yourself, people will start liking you. Improve yourself, earn more money. Respect people not only girls. One day you will meet that special someone. It does not metter if it is a girlfriend or a wife. Make yourself someone whome people desire. All the best.


My same situation until few months ago. Never had a girl until almost 29 years old.
Is normal during abstinence search desperately a girl in your life, is only question of days that you find someone, when this happen you don’t have need anymore of search anything, but in that moment will be more harder resist to relapse.
Having a girlfriend makes the nofap path more difficult.
You better get over the addiction and very improve yourself first and then they’ll be looking for you them. Do not do as I did, that having found it, I only made the path more difficult.
I have to thank the fact that for the moment it is a long distance relationship and therefore there is no need for physical contact. The COVID period will give me plenty of time to get over my addiction before I have to meet her closely.

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Dude I cannot answer this with a straight face but ill try my best!

Ok first things first! Answer this honestly! Do you want a girlfriend because you wanna " share your feelings" or do you wanna have sex with someone? Coz from what I know so far, you are horny and sexually frustrated. Which is understandable, we have all been there. Regardless of what your answer is I’ll put it simply…

Is there any woman you like besides the neighbor aunty? If the answer is yes then, approach that woman and ask her out on a date. Don’t confess your feelings or blatantly declare your love for her. that shit rarely works.

But if you don’t have any other girl, then you have to find one. For that you need to go to more social gatherings. If you are at college then there would be college girls. If at work then the women there. If you can’t do both, then there’s always bars and pubs where you can meet women. If you can’t do any of those, then you have tinder.

Now there’s no saying if they’ll accept or not. But the point is to keep trying. Don’t take rejections seriously! And don’t ever mention your creepy habit to any girl you talk to! No matter what kind of an angel she is, she’ll be turned off.

So go out there and do it! All the best bro!


Just talk to women first
Without expecting any romantic reciprocation
Then you can move on to step 2

Thanks bro for replying and especially thanks for knowing me and my creepy habits…
Yes I want both to be honest. I want to share my feelings as well as get intimate with her…
Bro I get your point and I will try to incorporate it

Thanks again

What is step 2 ? brother

Ohh from your description I felt like it is quite normal for a guy around his mid 20s to feel desperate for a woman

Are you considering of marrying your girlfriend?

You will figure out yourself
For now, just talk to them. Maintain your self dignity and don’t be a simp in front of them.
Just like you would talk to us. Normally. That’s all you need.

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Bro it’s hard to understand when shall I confess my feelings to her ?

I don’t know why women don’t value much when you confess your authentic feeling for her

Bro that was the most hilarious :rofl::rofl::rofl: thing
It seems that you are quite aware of my creepy habits LOL

You don’t need to confess the feelings too quickly
And that’s not you speaking, but your hormones
First you need to value your own self before getting a validation from others.
I understand how you feel, but trust me, even if you’ll get a gf you can’t be happy unless you’re not happy with yourself.
Stay strong.


I’ll add something more
Start exercising. Start working on the goals you want to achieve.
3 idiots me dialogue nhi suna kya?
Excellence k piche bhaag success jhak maarke paas aayega
Finding a mate should not be a primary objective. Even if your mind asks for a mate desperately, but you still have the intelligence to make decisions against the feelings. So relax and don’t force things.
Especially not the things that involve other person. You can definitely force yourself to be better than before.

As something extra, of course you can start talking to women while working on the goals. Would be a good thing as you’ll be able to handle yourself better in front of them. You’ll learn more as time progresses


Say to aunty …
Bol na aunty aau kya :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Why he needs a gf???

Every single boy wants gf

Who said , I don’t want a gf.

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Then you are in minority. Majority of single boys want gf

I just want my concentration back in life , this PMO addiction made me worse :rage::rage:

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U can get concentration . Make a goal

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