How to get a girlfriend

@Roads_to_purity if you want a gf…go for it, talk to girls …flaunt your strenghts (career/body/edu etc)… a lot of people think nofap is about becoming celibate… but thats wrong not everyone can become a brahmachari …its easier said than done…
so follow no pmo and chase girls…haha… I find that perfectly alright

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If you will be successful Gfs will automatically come to you …
So Focus on your Goals and not Girls.
Hope you understand @Roads_to_purity

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No more aunty fetish…
Uncle to hai aunty to satisfy Karne ke lite
Hum sala single hila hila ke dimaag kharab ho Gaya !! Aur Nahi Bhai… it’s high time to change myself

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That’s not quite true. You will know as you will grow older. Engineers are the most sexually starved guys in India. Although they make more money. Skilled in carrier and getting laid both are different thing. Skills aren’t transferable.

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True that, but if you are successful then you’ll have that time to go for women and there is always much better chance that women will go for a successful man than a broke one. @anon65589122

Get a great job, have six pack, reach a f***ing 365 no fap streak. Listen to elders, be a humble person and respect others. I feel that should be enough and last but not least try to be content with yourself. Easier said than done. I am struggling with it every single day. There is someone I like, but she is out of my league. She turned down on meeting with her.

Only way is to get a great job and love yourself and ask other girls out.

PS- I have 0.00000001 level experience in dating and love. So just go out and ignore my suggestion but atleast give it a read. Thanks.


@Samaranjay I agree with you. Being successful increases the probability. That is definitely important. But women won’t automatically come to you. As a guy you always have to make effort.

Women will always go for a guy who is average successful but good in talking and fun than the guy who is very successful but awkward except When they are getting married.

My point was you can’t completely ignore that skill completely and hope that you get a girlfriend.


Im just waiting for the day I reach my goal. After that im gonna start dating… I do think with success getting girls is less difficult. If not easy. Its all about confidence dude. Why do u think some douchebags are with girls and good guys end up single?


True. Guys i am no way advocating that you shouldn’t be successful and all. Just stating my observations.

You can be successful but still be a beta guy. You will have no money but still be an alpha guy. Or you can be both alpha plus successful.

Also you should be an engineer because you really like being engineer then it shouldn’t matter girls are getting attracted to you or not.


True words… I mean you are right… Being an alpha requires alot of work… But we are the nofap warriors… Nofap will grant us the alpha status one day


Dude u say ur in Germany… Isn’t it a bit easier to date there,?

Yeah man it’s way easier here. But due to lockdown everything is closed. Also we have lot of coursework here. Will do after i finish my studies. I tried in middle of semester but couldn’t give time in both so had to quit.


Lol… A white girl??? :white_check_mark:

Yes bro she was from Spain. It’s not a big deal here.

All the best to you :white_check_mark:

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Thanks dude. Same to you

Well it’s your thinking , I will follow my strategy . I dont want to be in this gf shit for at least a decade . Focus on myself and career

Yeah i never advised you to do anything. I just told what you’re thinking is not exactly correct. Yeah always do what feels right to you.

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I just want to make things clear. Most of the guys here are really young. I am in my 20s so i a think there is at least 8-9 years of age difference between many of us. I started this habit when i was 20 years old. So i can’t relate to you guys much anyway.

Also when i try to write something about dating then you shouldn’t think it’s for you. I started dating when i was 23 so i wouldn’t tell you to have girlfriend at 17. My answers are specific to some guys who want this kind of advice, who ask for it. I am not advising anyone to make girlfriend. So we have no contradictions here.

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Yeah I agree :joy:, girls won’t automatically come even after success, but we don’t know that yet :joy:, let’s first become successful then think about all this stuff. I agree with both @Dean_Ambrose and @anon65589122 partly.