How do I use this app?

Hello everyone, I installed this app 3 days ago. Just watching posts of different people and thats really good.
I don’t know how to make a companions or anything, help if anyone can!


You can make companions adding them my their sharing codes or asking to follow them in their profiles.

On second graphic icon after home button you write your private dairy and see your statistics.

On companions you can add them by their codes and also share you code, update your status and seeing companions streak.

Here in community you can see messages in general from users and on forum you can ask for advice, doubts, share a confession these things.

I don’t know if it’s just this, I hope it helps. Please anyone correct me if I’ve said something wrong.


Add on to it.

On the community tab you can actually interact with real human in real time. You can share, join, create, like other posts, gain knowledge, ask questions, can participate in challenges and can defeat this addiction.

At the last there’s a notification tab (it becomes orange in colour if you get some notification) where you’ll be always notified for every single step - like when someone follows you, send you follow request, and bookmarks your post.


@josebr , @nihar Thank you guys!


Since this hasn’t been brought up, @Ivar11 you can also privately message other users to stay accountable or just chat about life which may be irrelevant in public topics. Only you and the user(s) you message can see those posts. Be sure to drop me a message if you wish to see if you’ve understood how to use the private messaging feature :smiley:

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