How do I deal with my urges

Hey, I am kind of new to the no fap routine, I have tried no fap in the past just to know if I have my desires in control but highest I could do is for 7 days before but now I am at 13 days streak trying to go on forever. But I am really not sure about this, I am scared of having urges thus leading to a relapse. I really dont wanna relapse after I decided myself to change myself for the better, been meditating and exercising and all. Have blockers on my phone to block any content that could lead to relapse and didn’t touch myself on these following days for any reason but damn these urges, something inside me tells me that I can watch porn and I won’t relapse coz I have come this far and I won’t jerk off. I dont really wanna get my life into this PMO and want to get the fuck out of here. But I dont think the fight is gonna last forever with my urges, Help me !


congrats for your streak! urges are something we must learn to cope with sometimes… although they will eventually get weaker as you go on your streak. You say you meditate, this is good against urges : whenever they come up, try to shut these thoughts, or redirect your focus to something else. This can be done by engaging in a new task, such as working out, getting a walk, or even listening to music. Find what works best for you.
When you get more experienced and feel safer, try feeling these urges, but without taking action on them. Listen to the voice but recognise it as it is : a part of you which does not care about consequences. Then you can learn to make peace with yourself and see the true nature of your addiction.
Anyway, I would recommend distracting yourself or redirecting focus in the beginning, as these are quite efficient. And remember, if you feel yourself getting caught up in the spiral again, TAKE A STEP BACK, and look at your situation from above. Then you can take a good, responsible decision. This requires presence of mind, but you will develop this skill if you practice it.
Good luck!:grin:


No offense but you need a change of mentality bruh.

Right now is seems that your mentality is: I am doing noFap. It is unnatural and hard. Idk about benefits but I’m doing it because I feel bad after fapping. Urges are so scary- I mean, how can I overcome them? :disappointed_relieved: Must try to hide from them or prevent them. This is hard :sob:

This is the mentality of a fapper who’s trying NoFap. You made the right choice, logically. Now make the right choice mindfully.

Bruh getting urges means you’re human. We all get urges. We all fall sometimes. Get up, but never give up.

NoFappers’ mentality: I am a man. NoFap is natural for men (and women). It’s what we’re supposed to know. If PMO was the way to go, we should have died before it was invented. With God’s help, I can do this! I have to!
These kids going around doing PMO cause they can’t control themselves? Pah! All they seek is pleasure. I want pain. I want growth. Then I will get real pleasure.
Fap? What’s that? Never heard of it…
Urges? Yeah sure I get them. But why in the world should I listen to a bunch of chemicals inside my head? When I get urges I face them head on.

  1. Its just an urge. A bunch of chemicals. It’ll pass.
  2. Meditate when I get urges.
  3. Absorb the urges attack power and use it for workouts, etc. The sexual energy you get needs to go out. Use it to do productive stuff you could never do before.
    Flatline is overrated. Chill out dude. You won’t die or something in flatline.

What I’m trying to say is, change your vision and you change your world.
Stop thinking like a fapper. You are on the noFap path. Great decison! Now act on it. Delete the word Fap from your mind.

Don’t PMO. Not because you are doing noFap. Don’t PMO because you don’t Fap.

Urges will come and go, brother. Face them and don’t respond. You are above them.


Love you man, @Pierretomas181
What a nice message. True from your experience i guess. Sounds realy real.

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I have heard about this, like they say close your eyes and focus on the one point where this sexual energy is and just soak it in and redirect it through your spine into your head . Like a kundlini ( rising of sexual energy into ojas/brain/higher divinity )

Thank you for helping me😊

I heard from a friend too about this, to imagine ourselves in a third person view if we ever find ourselves struggling and think logically

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Thanks bro I will keep that in mind :facepunch:

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Hello! Congrats on your streak, 13 days is awesome!

The couple guys here have already give some good advice. My piece of advice would be to check out this post/topic from a little while ago:

Lets make it easier for new ones. Need your help

They give some great advice there for those of us who are newer to this journey!

Best wishes!

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