How did u finally achive great streaks of no fap?

How much did you fail to achive this life style ?
Did you quit in between and what are the best tricks and habits u used to achive this great results ?

And how do you feel after this long streak do you feel reborn ? As for myself when I was over 300+days I felt reborn and most growth happened at that time it was really amazing


one day at a time. That’s how large streaks are achieved. That’s how any humongous task is accomplished


Tysm man for your valuable thoughts …

Yaa Rome was not created in a way they worked one day at a time


I had failed many times, usually getting at most 14 days streaks. Then I used to give up on NoFAP and try again some years later.

The best trick was discovering how bad porn is, and how disgusting the image of myself fapping for a screen is. I’m better than that, I’m a man and I shall show the world this.

I feel much better. Now I can focus on the things that matter.


Thank you so much for your valuable words …


By remembering in detail how I felt after looking at that :poop:. As soon as I forget that I relapse.


Golden words. The absolute advice for long streaks.


I’ve never really reached a high streak, but here’s what I will tell you. Stop measuring your progress in days and benefits. Your life is not improving because that number is going up. You’ve got to work on YOU! Not on your streaks. When you start that then urges will tend to seem irrelevant. Here’s where I got this from, he explains it better. It’s long, but well worth the read:


Tysm man such a awesome post …


The answer is already in your mind. Ask yourself again.


Yaa we all have plans how to achive it thanks man


The brain is yours you only know how to fool your brain


Yaa but the problem lies in people who have hard controlling their brain some people are slave of their brain so I belive people have to callouse Their mind to be the master of the brain and tell it what to do what not to do…

It may take time but setting some goals and achieving it will help to get over this addiction faster as well as it prepares the individual to master the brain …

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Yea it can’t happen in an instant you have walk ahead of your brain and study how it reacts and by improving those things one can control himself

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Thank you so much for your views and ideas

I was practically busy everyday, and when I was not busy, I was having cold showers, doing meditation and sometimes I was even working out, that’s how I got to 45 days, since then I haven’t been able to go more than 26 days.

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Prior to that I would fail alot earlier last year I was stuck in the chaser effect for a couple months, I would keep relapsing every 3 to 4 days, sometimes I would binge, but then I started going more than a week without PMO, relapsed on day 11, I had 1 or 2 relapses, but after that I achieved 19 days, my next high streak, I relapsed and binged and for the next 2 months, I would go 8 or 12 days and relapse, but then 2 months later I achieved my next high streak of 22 days, I had relapsed 3 times within a 2 day period, then I got back up and achieved my highest streak of 45 days, since then I have only been able to go 20 to 25 days and I haven’t been able to go any further, but despite that I know I’m still making progress.

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Okk keep going man think about what u wanaa achive in a year or month or weekly goals and pit all ur heart and mind in that that way u will achive greatness and leave this addiction…

Best of luck for your coming days …

Keep updating people new ideas keep brain storming…

Thank you for sharing your valuable experience…

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