How can I get rid of masturbation addiction?

Hi guys

I really hope you can give me some good tips and strategies how to get rid of wanking addiction.

I was able to control it for some time (7 days or more) and usually when working it was maybe every third day. But now since I dont have a job it became almost every day multiple times.

I think one reason is because I don’t have much sex.

I figured it is an addiction just like drinking and drugs, it’s just a distraction and makes you feel good for a moment.

How can I control my urges again and remove the temptation??

Thanks for all the help

You dont have much sex becouse you masturbate. Not conversely


I never feel guilty. It makes you less confident

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Hey @qwertyasix!

Well it’s easy you practically gave the answer for yourself and that is to be busy.

It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as it pulls your thoughts away from fapping. Even if you start to feel the urge put on your favourite song and dance to it for example.

Avoid porn( if you watch it) and delete amy trigger apps like instagram, youtube. And install a porn blocker ( If necessary).

If possible change your environment. Meaning if you are in your bedroom during an urge leave. Go to the kitchen or out for a small walk.

Just stay calm and focused at all times. Relax when a urge hits but DON’T get too comfortable. Comfort = relapse.

Adapt a 3 point plan. No touch, no thinking and no eye contact ( watching), when you feel an urge. Block yourself of touching your member, don’t think about it and don’t look at it. It will stop your thoughts on going there and also make it easier to handel the urge.

(Basically I said the same thing twice) but you get the idea I hope.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome

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Nothing can simulate desparation. You can’t be fapping instead of looking for a job man. You don’t have time to fap. And you’ll be lwss confident for interviews if you fap. Stay strong.

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He has a point.

If you fap instead of searching for job then you might loose the opportunity to get the job. Because you’ll be less confident and you won’t feel you’ll be worthy for any job. You may be wasting the time where you can learn a new skill which might be the requirement in some companies.
Anyways best of luck :crossed_fingers:
May God bless you with beautiful job.

Once you get the job you’ll be automatically get busy that you may dont have time to think about these nasty things.

And one more thing you mentioned that “you don’t have much sex in your life”
It’s because you didn’t got promotion as life gives us.
First we need to get that maturity to get the job then we must be able to hold so much responsibilities on our shoulders. Then it’s time for marriage. Later You’ll get everything whatever you desire for.

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Read this.