Hindu texts - need advice


any suggestions for hindu texts? I already read Bible and Q’uran but am now planning to get to know Indian culture more into the depths.
Where to start?
How to continue?
Any suggestions?

Thank you,
stay sharp.


Bro…If you really wanna unravel the mysteries of self and life. I suggest you to read the Ashtavakra Gita.
You can easily get it’s pdf on Google. Make sure to download the one which contains Sanskrit as well as translated English forms.

It is one of the best reads for life transformation.


It’s good to hear that u are interested in spirituality & abt Hindu Texts.
I Strongly suggest u to Read SHRIMAD BHAGVAT GEETA , u may heard about it. It’s easily accessible. Although it’s considered only as Hindu Text but it should be read by every human being I think!!
& @edistoretto it’ll not only help u in this NoFap journey, but will also definitely guide u for Ur Entire Lifestyle!!
It’s also said that Geeta contains the summary of all Vedas,etc.(other Hindu texts).so it would be best choice to start atleast :blush: :pray:


Thank you, both of you, so much :slight_smile:


Brother . Respect.
Can you tell me what you learnt from Bible and quraan( I am lazy :sweat_smile::joy:)…

And I suggest you BHAGWAT GITA, If can UPNISHADS .


Read Bhagawad gita…you may start from there😃… But if you wanna know what’s written about semen retention in the book…it is written that the loss of semen is the greatest loss… even the loss of wealth or health is smaller than the loss of semen…after 12 years of semen retention the body starts making ojas energy… And it goes directly to your mind unlocking your spiritual chakra…

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Gita is definitely the first choice. in case you are a westerner you might struggle with cultural references.

I would suggest to read this simplified version of Gita

Also, once you are done… you may not want to miss-out on the book “The autobiography of a Yogi”


India is filled with all kinds of Masters …
Choose anyone which suits you…

:heartpulse: Krishna
:heartpulse: Gautam Buddha
:heartpulse: Gorakh
:heartpulse: Patanjli
:heartpulse: Shiv sutra
:heartpulse: Mirabai ( Women Saint )

Outside india … there are great masters like
:heartpulse: Lao Tzu
You have already read about Jesus & mohammad.


Well I actually am not like a religious person to believe in one religion with all my heart. But I do believe in morals, being kind to each other, making a world a better place, mind clearance, spiritual enlightment, ect.

What I learnt from Bible and from Q’uran is that they’re very VERY similar. And I focused more on how to improve myself as a person, internally and externally. Basically how to be on a “Path to heaven” in “the eyes of God”.


Since you have already read Quran and Bible… You must read the philosophy of Eastern or Indic religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism) … You will appreciate the diversity in the western and eastern schools of thought.
Unlike their western counterparts, indic religions dont have the concept of Heaven and Hell.
They are centered around concepts of ‘attaining freedom by getting rid of life and death’ and the ‘law of Karma’.
It would be an interesting read for you.

PS - dont assume I prefer any religion over other. As a Sanatani I firmly believe all paths lead to the same destination.


Thank you @_KarmaYogi @Sahas @snehilsiddhartha @pingpong1 so much. Y’all are the best!!

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Bhagwad geeta.
All the life aspects are covered.
It is little difficult to find out original geeta. Because there are alterations made by modern pandits. Verify it from google or YouTube.

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“Bhagavad Gita As It Is” - this exact name. The best Book ever, IMHO.


My fellow Hindu bros and sis, I need your help in getting this started…Please PM me about your thoughts or Reply below the thread!