Help with Meditation

So I have recently started meditating, but found that there is so many types of meditation from guided to nonguided and from self-love to being present and so much more I dont know where to start now. If you have good experience in meditation please guide me through first steps.

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I started meditation about 3 months ago.
I wrote here a bit about it

I personally need some guidance. It helps me to stay focused or brings me back when I get distracted. I think it is much easier for beginners to start guided meditations. I also think that it is a good idea to try different ones. I guess each person has preferences in what he likes and what helps him best in his situation

What I really like is headspace. It is based on mindfulness. I feel like this is what I currently need. Some basic daily awareness. I got much more happy and more aware of the negative things I do during the day so that I was able to change them. I think it is a good way to improve life in general. And a better life then leads to an easier nofap journey

I also tried some meditations on imagination of situations. It helped when I had specific problems but wasn’t my cup of tea for the long term.

Hope that helps a bit


I downloaded headspace, will try the free 10 days and give you feedback :slight_smile:
Thank u