Help me find motivation

Getting motivated is something I need.

I have been doing this fight for a year and a half.

I reach 2 days and fail.

It’s a cycle I can’t get free.


“You can’t do it…you will remain traped in this cycle forever,prove me wrong?”

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Unable to prove you wrong.

You’re statement is correct.

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@Samaranjay,@_TIGER see the demotivation level of this guy…please help to motivate him


Maybe remembering how you feel right after relapsing as soon as you start to think about relapsing is the key?

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I have tried that a couple of times but it only slows down the relapse.

Everyone has a Goal but not Everyone has MOTIVATION !! … Remember it

The motivation is within you, if you won’t believe in yourself no one can help you. You have that power, i am also relapsing daily, but that doesn’t mean i can’t do this. It would be better if you will focus on improving your life, then slowly, you will stop relapsing. Have a schedule and try to stick to it (and don’t take stress if you fail to follow your routine, just try to have a better today than your yesterday). And yeah also do things that you enjoy. You have to understand that nofap is not a prison or something that will give you pain , it’s a lifestyle, so focus on your life .And believe in yourself, you can do this brother.

Read this post brother.


The only thing is I see my job as the only exciting thing for me. On my 3 day weekend after 4 exciting days at work, I’m bored and have nothing to do except what my Dad needs because of his many health problems.

I see my life as something to escape from.

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Hey! Long time no see!
Motivation comes from within. Your need to overcome this meeds to be stronger than your need to do PMO.

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Motivation : temporary solution
Consistency : permanent solution



Ok. How do I get and keep consistency?

If you need motivation to do something, then don’t do it … It will not happen if you don’t have the desire and will to do it …

Believe in yourself …

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It’s ok to slip up as long as you get back on track every time you suffer a minor slip.
I’ve read your posts and I know that you are deep into this addiction, even I used to be the same, but you gotta try bro. you need to get a fire for improving yourself.
You have a 4 day work week man, that’s really really awesome in my opinion. You can be at whole another level of self improvement with that much free time. You need to develop some good habits to practice in your free time.
Do you exercise? Do you meditate? Do you read books? Do you watch good shows or movies? Do you play a sport? Do you cook?
There’s no way you don’t like anything except Porn and work, this just isn’t possible. There must be something that you actually enjoy doing. Sit down quietly somewhere and think about it and start doing that when you feel down or feel the urge to go for porn and or fapping stick with the habits you actually enjoy doing.
And even if you don’t, pick atleast one good habit and try to do it everyday, You’ll see the gains soon enough.
If you need knowledge on how to build habits then go through the following playlist seriously

And at last I’d like to say no matter what your situation may be at the moment but I know you have that will inside you to be free and live a happy guilt free life. If you didn’t have that desire to be free you wouldn’t be here. Best regards for your journey ahead mate @Vortexkicker , Go improve your life. @STORY_OF_A_GREAT_LOSER Thanks for tagging me here.

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@Samaranjay I have many people to tap,but in recent times I have only known you and @_TIGER

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