Hello. New goal

Hello guys. Iam almost 600 days and something really shit was about to happen. Iam sleepless and having dopamine spikes. I almost relapsed… I can’t believe it. Iam starting hard mode now. I really want to accomplish 90 days of no P no O. Any tips on how to get through 90 days? I’ve been away from porn all this time but not M. I really need this achievement. tips? What do I do if dopamine starts rising?

Let’s do this together

My code 6c1ab9. I won’t lose anytime. I will achieve this. I have all the power I need. I NEED IT.
Discord https://disboard.org/server/499598912131170304


Do full no pmo
Do at least these to become successful:
Daily Check in
Like this:

Join a nice group


I made a discord server long ago. Join here guys. Let’s do it together. https://disboard.org/server/499598912131170304

Day 2 hard mode things are going very well. I can do this


Almost day 4 hard mode

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Join our server guys. Almost 600 days out of porn.

Wanted to fap but I meditated instead. Close to 600 days off porn. Join our community on discord. We help each other quit.

Hey guys. Join our discord server to help combat this horrible addiction. Type disboard phalanx nofap and join the fight. We have an emergency chat and voice. We also log in the chat.

637 days no porn. 32 days hardmode. Join us on discord https://discord.gg/eFyCRFF we have almost 50 members and we are winning.