Hariom's Diary (22 M)

I am watching porn and masturbating alongside from class 6 . I am graduate now. Porn has ruined my life. It snatched all my personality. I am weak and useless because I invested so much time in pornography and masturbation.

Please comment.
Suggest and Help me. Because I am broke.
When you comments something. It stops me from my Addiction path.

@Tagore @Nkem motivate me alot to stay on true path. Always feels like he is my brother.


14 May 2020
I masturbated today offcourse after watchi’ porn.
I know very well porn made my life miserable. Then why I am watching everyday.

Why ???
This is so strong. So good. It is making your day awesome. Feels so happy and intersting.
So watch it and feel good. Yes.

Lekin jab mai hi nahi rahoonga to ye happiness intersting kis kam ka


So choose between Death and Happiness.
Happiness which is of 10 second duration and afterthat feel guilty, depressed, and feels like No interest in Life.
So precisely this is not the real happiness. Masturbation is not the real happiness. Can’t be. Because it follows pain.

– I watched porn at 10 am.
– After masturbation, feels so depressed. Like death is Better than life.
— I Forget my all goals today.

How to avoid possible porn watchi’ mindset tomorrow ??

– follow routine
— remember goal
— Work on building discipline.

Rating of this day 0/5 starts :star2:


You are in the right place brother. Follow your routine. Stay on track. Bad times will fly away.


Have you ever had sex? If yes I want to kniw about your whole experience. It seems ti me that you have a enormous addiction. Masturbation itself is harmless but also unnecessary too…the point is why you do it, how much you do it, and what are you feeling after… Porn from the other side is 99,99% harmful.Accepting and embracing your problems is the first step, the second is to find how you gonna fix it and where do you want to be 2 years from now. The third part that you are missing is how do you do it… Like a complete plan


Bro, you are a man. We are build to conquer challenges and build our empire. Not only you, most of us here have wasted a lot of time, their important and youthful days in porn. Get a mindset in which you are ready to choose death instead of porn. You are a guy who had long streaks. You have done that before, so you know you can do this. Build your empire man. Unleash the inner beast in you. You can do this. This is the time to do it. 5 seconds pleasure or live as a king.


Best advice on urge control. Do this when the fucking urges come.


Hey brother… you are not weak… I have seen you studying 9 hours in a day. What do yo think… this is not a small task… whatever you have studied( easy or tough) but I am sure you set for 9 hours … it is not a thinf of weak person… it really needs motivation enthusiasm.

I want to tell you this is not happiness… it is just illusion… Real happiness is the feeling after some achievement in life, real happiness is what you see on your parents face when they proud of you… also in this addiction context, real hapiness is after having s** with your partner and then you both cuddle each other.

Bhai ye tumko bhi pta h… ye bs ek Trap h mind ka… real life problem… failures…stress etc… ko face na krne ka… but esa krne se thodi der baad wo problems aur badh jati h

VIDEO SUGGESTED BY @Tagore is really good. Watch that bro.

Just keep writing bro… check your progress daily… we can help each other… overall we both belong to same community(competitor students).
#StayStrong :muscle:


Ab Karna hai mar ke kro ji ke karo


You fucking weakass. Grab your balls and get to NoFap. Look at yourself in the eyes. You are bigger than that this man. You have got greatness within you. Do sometjing that makes you respect yourself


Hello. Just want to ask. What does URGE! and BADGES button at home mean? I am worry to try clicking those button I dont want to reset my days nofap.

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Bro I don’t know what happened to you. Maybe you would be going through a hard time @anon17824681 but to be honest you are acting like a weak child now. If you were alone doing nofap this happens. You have all the things that you need to succeed. Great companions. Support. Help.
The day I came to this app I started my challenge with you for 180 days. You were going strong in the beginning. You went up to 35-40 days streak.
After that relapse i’:ve been seeing that you are relapsing again and again. Not even reaching two digits.
What is happening bro?
We are all hear to help. You are not even seeking out help.
You are just wasting your time and energy now.
This is not what I expect from you.
You joined this app in 2017 man.
You should’ve conquered this addiction completely by now.
Ok. Enough is enough. Take a strong decision and channel your entire focus and energy into improving yourself.
Mark your progress in this diary daily. We’ll keep an eye on you and will provide help. Get into a do or die mindset bro. @Nkem who joined us in the 180 days Challenge is still going strong.
**Focus on your purpose **
Get Disciplined. Start doing Meditation exercise Affirmation etc without fail.
You can do this man. You’ve had 100+ days streak before.
C’mon bring out the power within

Unleash the beast bro


Click on that urge button and badges button and know the things. They will not cause any problem.

That thumbs down button on top right corner is the relapse button. Also before reseting the streak, the app will ask for confirmation. Don’t worry.

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You said this and still you are doing the same. You created the diary and wrote just one day. What is the use?
You are doing this for whom?
You are 22 man. This is not the time to waste and act like a weak boy.
If we waste this time we’ll never get it back.
Our life will become average.
C’mon bro. What else should I tell you.
C’mon get your shit together now. This moment. Or else regret will follow you your whole life.
Iam telling the truth directly because I want you to succeed. I want you to unleash your strength that is sleeping within.


Hariom you can defeat this man… You can

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Day 1 today 09 October 2020
Guys, Thank you so much to believe in me.

What a wonderful day today
This day is made to only study hard and cheer up. Guys.

Day Successful No porn urges


10 October 2020
Day 2
Studying… Will update how many hours studied…

Timer of 10 hours study

Studied 7 Hours
Mission Not successful of 10 hours
Travelled to hospital so some time wasted.

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11 October 2020
Day 3

Study Target
1 Ratio (target achieved)
2 percentage (not)
3 Tense , Noun , SVA , 100 word meaning (not)

Study 5:30 hours only

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Bro, only thing I want to tell you is, get raw and real with yourself. This is your last chance. Understand one thing that no one, NO ONE in this world, not your parents, friends or cousins is coming to save you. You yourself.
We have to take extreme ownership and get our ship together.
How many more years will we waste watching porn and fapping. Remember, the next time you are relapsing you are giving up your whole life
Yes, face the reality bro. Consider this, if everyone is your family dies today (just consider in mind) and you are alone, what would you do?
Fap to porn because the reality is so hard to face
Or take ownership and get shit together??
I suggest you to read can’t hurt me by David goggins. This book will give you the attitude and hope that anything is possible.
It is the story of the Ascension of a man who was the weakest in this world to the strongest.
We can do this. Don’t give up this time. Strive through pain and become a winner

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Thank you @Tagore bro. I will surely read this book. And will continue to heal rather than wounded.

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informative. Thank you buddy :slight_smile: