Hardest fight diary - strategy and advice

Day 1 (27.2.2021)

Hi, my name is Delfin and i have PMO addiction. My biggest strike is 20 days and curently I am on day 7. I have realised that I have this problem/addiciton in the end of 2020, so i have decided to fight. On the seventh day, I have started to feel some urges for the first time. I have realised that making this diary and typing it is best distraction for not thinking about pmo.
The main reason of my urges are instagram posts. Today I am not scrolling it…

I guess I can expect in the future some wet dreams and hard urges. Main goal is not to be alone and to be active. That are small steps to win battle by battle. I have installed PMO blocking software on phone and pc and I am looking down in the street when I see good looking girl aproaching. I do not want do feed my lust with looking at wimen that on the other hand I can’t sexualy have. It is best not to do that to yourself.
That are some of my basic weapons and strategies in this personal war.

I hope i will get your support and good advices, also i hope i will help you in some way with my journal. Later I will write about rewards and treats as I reach my goals.


2.3.2021 - No fap day 10

After last post there were no major urges. Today maybe a little bit more than usual, becouse instagram explore keeps showing some tight girls. I have manage it to controle it and to close IG.

I am very much active, yesterday I was on a mountain on my mouintain bike, I was just exhausted after the ride so there was no room for urges and stuff like that.

I have decided to share with you my reward plan.
For 30 days no fap : Oral B electrical toothbrush
For 60 days no fap : GoPro one more extra battery
For 90 days no fap: Maxxis mtb tires

I will continue to update this treat scale. Please, share your rewards and treats :grinning:


Tonight I am home alone for about 6 hours. That is biggest temptation and massive urge. Hope I will find your support in this topic, just posting, chatting and keeping mind busy. Wish me luck.

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In two days I should reach my personal record, 21 days. I pray to God to help me achieve that goal and even more, liftime more :grinning: What can I say, what are benefits for me so far ? - I have noticed better and harder erections, more energy and anxiety levels are low. I thing them levels are low because I feel good in my skin right now.

Somedays I have pmo flashbacks and urges to search stuff. That is sometimes challanging. For me the main goal in these kinds of situations is not to be alone. Just go outside, take a walk or something, just don’t go near pc.


Good bro. You will reach your destination.


About to reach my personal record in few hours. That is my personal record of no fap since i was 12. Thanks to God, this app and you guys, I am willing to change my life. Stay strong and do not go to the dark side.


About to reach my 25 day. I am starting to look online for the reward for completing 30 days. Earned it… I will keep you informed about reward. How ti you reward yourself???

Day 28, saturday as always my “strong urges day”. Most relapses acoured on suturday, as this app shows. Today I feel very strong urges, maybe like never before.

Now I am going to change my place, go out and change environment. This urge feels strong in my stomack, something like exitement mixed with little bit of anxiety, but still is shaped as urge. I pray to God to make me strong. Do you guys have any advice how to deal with urges ?? How does your urges manifest??

Usefull and free Software

  1. SPIN BROWSER - This is software for mobile devices only, one and only purpose - no po#n. When you try to enter p site, you get block screen and browser closes. Enough time to rethink what you are about to do.

  2. Google settings - Filter - Enable safe serach, if you try to bypass Spin and go direct to Google, i recomend you to activate safe search on google.

  3. For PC, Eset Internet Security. Usefull antivirus and net protection, it has Family protection mode. If you want to turn off family protection you need to enter password. It works on every browser you use. What I did is writing very big and complicaded password on peace of paper and hidden it away from me. You will need to enter license code from time to time so you will need that password, do not lose it and most important, do not memorise it, because if you get urge, you will enter it and it will make no use. When you have it on peace of paper, you have enough time to change your mind and give up on relapse while going to get that peace of paper. My password is someting from religion, so if I try to enter it for relaps, I have that little message in password for the last line of defence. Do not go to the dark side, stay strong.

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Just bought my first treat for month of freedom. Thanks to God for making me find this app. Buy yourself a gift after achieved goals, you deserve it. Next month, with Gods will, I will buy something else. After quiting cigaretes and this addiction, nothing is expensive, for good health of body and mind.

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Congratulations for your 30 days .
No looking back now .:muscle:

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Thank you. Best wishes !

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Just ruined 45 best days of my life. I was so happy, so free and strong. Bought android stick with x channels among normal ones, and out of boredom, step by step, I relapsed… Now i experience panic and axiety attacks, hating my self and feeling weight on my chest, feeling like sky is dropping down on me.

Guys listen to me, no matter what do not relapse. Freedom from PMV is best way of life. What a difference in feelings, way of looking at life and so much energy. No peaking, no searching and no watching… Fight it for ultimate happines, it is worth it, I can tell you now when I was of both sides of the line.

Now I am going to start harder and pray to God not to repeate same mistake. I am not proud of myself. Few minutes over 45 days, not a beneficial calculation, not worth it…


Hey @Delfin , it’s alright, happened to me earlier during 45 days streak.
It’s hard I know but one relapse will kill the streak but a total porn binge will ruin everything.

Get back to quitting PMO, I remember that you were in a royal rumble battle with me and other fellow mates on the 365 days challenge.

Get back up bud, it’s never too late.


Thanks man. Your text feels so good and honest, you seem like a great guy. I wish you all the best, and stay strong. If you need any virtual support like advice or listening you are welcome to contact me in here. I will continue harder at staying on the good side. @zorim

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Today implementing peaking as relapse. Wish me luck…


After 45 days of freedom, I have never got back on the track. 7 days - relaps, 4 days relaps, 9 days relaps… I do not mast. but i peek, and that is what annoys me. Feeling anxiety and depression, lack of energy… It all goes from instagram posts. After looking at some girls on ig cravings starts to build up, and after I while you start to feel strong urges. I just hate myself…

And for the first time, I am starting to lose motivation…


I am mamber of no fap for almost a year. In that period of time I have seen on myself and read in the posts of other companions how big our addiction is. I see how it ruins lives, ruines marriages (causes ED), and even more negative sides. This is addiction as strong as drug addiction. It is progressive over the years and it goes deeper and deeper in darknes of human imagionation. What turns you on today, it won’t turn you on in the next few years.

Dear companions, I can give you advice, do not watch that content, and most important of all, do not watch women on social media. You better look down in the streets. Every peek you make, every look and every touch will crawl into your mind and it is going to build up your sex drive. If you need to look, look at your wives and girlfriends with passion. Do not bring into your lives women that you can have, by that I mean virtual ones, or somene elses wifes that are bound in marriage. Trust me, looking has a snowball effect that builds up avalanche.

Nothing good comes from pmo and trust me, there is no single benefit. PMO is socially acceped trend that has devastating results and it is not tottaly scientifically researched. Thing that are researched show negative results on human body.

I have addiction. After many months I am brave enought to addmit that to myself. Only one I have to come to in my problem is my God. Struggle is to hard, I need to be stronger. My anxiaty and depression are strong, dark toughts and negativity are results after every relaps and they build up.

My record is 45 days, and I can’t describe to you how many benefits I felt in that time. After that one slip, I have stumbled into the darkness and never reached as long as 10 days.

I hope i will find support and people to share my journal with , and get some usefull advice.


I strongly recommend https://book4you.org/s/power%20over%20pornography
Especially if you’re a christian.
I myself am struggling with keeping my intention of nopmo strong, even though I see countless negative consequences I still think I could “just peek” once.
Read Power over Pornography, do them exercises here and I’ll follow your diary and see your streak growing :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, I will read it. Best wishes

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