Hardest fight diary - strategy and advice

You have to live with yourself for the rest of your life, than you better love who you have to live with. Don’t do things that make hate yourself.

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Plan for tommorow - routine making

:arrow_right: Waking up for morning prayer 5am :x:
:arrow_right: Going for a MTB ride (1-2h):white_check_mark:
:arrow_right: Eating simple and helathy breakfast (without red meat and fats):white_check_mark:
:arrow_right: Buying wife small gift for showing affection :x:
:arrow_right: Reading at least one chapter of book​:white_check_mark:
:arrow_right: Minimum 6k steps :x: (did about 4k)
:arrow_right: Decrease phone usage max to 2h :x: (2h19min)
Felt urges around 11am, 3pm, and 8pm. First two when bored and no work to do, last one when about to be alone. Dealth with them by walking, changing environment and staying active.

What is your routine guys? Please share with me some ideas. How to get up early and feel energised?

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Day 5 14.8.2021

To do list -
:arrow_right: No PM :white_check_mark:
:arrow_right: Morning pray 5am :white_check_mark:
:arrow_right: Eating healthy breakfast (no red meat and fats in the morning) :white_check_mark:
:arrow_right: 6k steps on garmin :x:
:arrow_right: Start making website for business :white_check_mark:
:arrow_right: Go out have fun :white_check_mark:
:arrow_right: Plan MTB route for tommorow :x:
:arrow_right: Read chapter of LOTR book :white_check_mark:

Noticed that urges start from 9am and the strongest hit is about 11am. They start to fade but slowly from 11am untill 3pm. Mostly flashbacks. I need to prepare better in that period of time, need to find way to completly distract myself from them and move (maybe best gap of time to make some steps on garmin)

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15.08.2021 Sunday, day off

:arrow_right: Get rest
:arrow_right: No PMO
:arrow_right: Ride bike, running or 6k steps


:arrow_right: Morning pray 5am :white_check_mark:
:arrow_right: Healthy breakfast
:arrow_right: Upload more articles to website
:arrow_right: Read a chapter of a book
:arrow_right: 6k steps
:arrow_right: Tea before sleep and book reading
:arrow_right: 5 prayers of the day