Had 2 urges today

I defeated my first urge for today but a second one came a few hours later and I gave in.

You need some motivation to achieve your nofap goal…see how in below post

Please explain.

Am I loving myself or finding a girl to love me?

Because the first is possible. The second is not.

Both have the same % of possibility. You can’t love a girl if you don’t love yourself. If you love yourself then love to a girl will come quickly.

Stop complaining and giving up to urges!


Let me tell you something:

I’m in a long streak right now, and even after over a year of NoFAP, I still have urges. The urges are never going to stop, and if you surrender yourself before them, then you will not accomplish anything.

Even if you have 1000000000 urges during the day, you must keep going.



Think about this…

Before 2020, I never had this problem and I NEVER had urges.

Now that I have them, I don’t know how to deal with them.

How was your situation before 2020? I mean, were your already addicted to PMO?

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No. Before 2020, I was not addicted to PMO as I never masterbated and didn’t know what masterbation was.

My addiction started around the start of the COVID pandemic.

Pre 2020, I was working for Walmart and only had occasional loneliness due to wanting a girlfriend then and never having one.

Then the pandemic started and Walmart changed a lot and I became unemployed.

The pandemic and unemployment status made my loneliness increase and that loneliness led me to images which led me to Porn.

And without thinking and without knowledge, I just one day masterbated for the first time out of the blue when I was alone in the house and ejaculated for the first time In February 2020.

When I saw that baby making fluid, I didn’t know what it was.

Since then, I drained myself of my fluid reserves and have not been able to store it ever since due to this addiction.

Brother please share your tips and techniques to avoid relapse

@Roads_to_purity Brother, what prevents me from relapsing is the fear of coming back to the point I was before NoFAP. A guy who would give up on good things in order to do PMO.

Also, now I know I was a looser, locked in the toilet fapping for a screen. Watching another man having a woman to himself while I was unable to conquer a girl for myself.

Getting rid of PMO has helped me to achieve things that I had only dreamed abou before.

These are my tips. Let me know what you think about them.

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Share your code :smiley:
I wanna follow you
So did you get gf now ??

My sharing code is gh025c

If you want, you can read a little bit about my journey in an old topic I had created:

Well, I will not answer this question, as I would need to expose a lot of my personal life, which I do not like to do. I hope you understand.

But in order to encourage you, I can tell you that I had my first sexual relationship with a real woman after starting NoFAP.

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Quite impressive :+1:
I will start my 1 year nofap journey now

Masturbating is a ahit

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Here it is:

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