Habits that make you powerful

Start from this :
Rule : 1 Stop using social media. Golden rule.
Rule : 2 use some adult content blocker. My fav is blocker hero. Add an accountibility partner who can understand your feeling.
Rule : 3 Drink cold water or normal water atleast 3 litre. Avoid junk processed food and masala food to control your libido.
Rule : 4 Do exercise everyday like push up and running atleast. Going to gym should be avoided because of availability of great asses and boobs of chiks. Avoid touching under your waist line.
Rule : 5 Start your why ? Why are you doing this. Keep journaling and stay honest to yourself. No one going to check you.
Rule : 6 Start reading or listening spirutual thing to avoid bad thoughts. Chanting also works.
Rule : 7 keep some mental sanity when you are outside of your home.
Rule : 8 start busying yourself by creating to do lists of daily tasks.
Rule : 9 Stop hang out with stupid people who always talk about shit.
Rule : 10 Stop using digital device more than needed. use this platform for your daily progress, not to abuse yourself. Use less internet stuff. Use physical things. Less is more always.
Thank you. You are great, powerful, and a human. You can control you and your brain. If brain controls you, then you are fucked.


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