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Why I want a companion -

I’ve been using pornography since I was 12 years old. I have kept my habit a secret from my wife for almost a decade. My lack of attention to her destroyed her self confidence and self image over that time, and for that I will never be able to forgive myself.

I finally admitted to her what I have been doing, and after much deliberation (and me telling her she would probably be better off leaving me as I feel I have been such a monster) she is giving me one chance to deal with my problem. Frankly I don’t deserve it, but I am going to make this chance count.

We have enrolled in couples therapy, I have also personally enrolled in hypnotherapy sessions and am booked in to see a sex addiction therapist.

My habit used to be much more frequent, but it’s started to simmer down to 1,2, or 3 times per week. The urge always seems to hover on the periphery of my consciousness, waiting for my guard to drop. I am hoping that therapy will teach me how to identify triggering emotions and thoughts, and rewire them to trigger more positive behaviours.

I have been looking at the 12 step system and it is very religion oriented. Can it be adapted to a non-religious perspective?

I’m looking for fellow agnostics or atheists to pair up with for accountability, advice, and progress sharing.

Thanks everyone.


Do meditate also. It made you more resilient towards your thought.


In most religions, if they forbid something, it must be bad for you. You said it yourself that how much bad this addiction turned your life into. So you technically answered your own question.
All the best brother and welcome to the rewire companion forum!

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Hi, I’m 37.
26 years slave into this addiction.
But now I found the way.
I made 7,5 months free from PMO this year, plus 30 days in my current streak. I never lived so much time!

What is working to me is blockers (that deny me access to P) and the Eucharist. I know you don’t believe. I was an atheist too. But my greater and greater streaks show that the supernatural is real. The more I walk the spiritual path, the easier it becomes to go from 100 days, 200 days of streak.

The truth set me free. It will free you too.


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