Group for Extreme Productivity and Accountability[ open for may]

Hello folks

I will get straight the point. This will be a closed group of people with the goal of extreme productivity as well as accountability.

The rules to join will be simple

  • Strict dedication to this group
  • Check in everyday
  • Log in the number of hours :
  1. Stayed Productive (STUDY or WORK)

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Ps: Nofap is still the first priority

Habits to be focussed

  1. Staying Productive
  2. Reducing screen time
  3. Getting up and going to Bed on time

Points system and Rules

  • +1 Point for every productive hour
  • The idea of logging unproductive hours is to make you realize the time you have wasted, that could’ve been put into better use. But no points deduction on that
  • It is upto you to decide what activities are productive or unproductive
  • You can post screenshots of hours you stayed productive, if you are interested.
  • Updating scores will be individuals responsibilty

Log Table

Participant Points
The_wild_perception 47.5
Dean Ambrose 4
Samaranjay 21
TheMonk1 15.5


When you check in daily, please post it in the format mentioned below :-

1)Number of Productive hours

2)Number of wasted hours which were supposed to be used for productivity

3)Why was your time wasted ?

4)Are you satisfied with your day?


This challenge will begin from Tomorrow

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Count me in …
(Why tf we need 20 characters)

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This challenge sounds great to me :fire:, I am in with whole heart.

Alright guys… Welcome to the challenge


Bro is there any particular time period for which We have to be in the group .

I would like to join the group here for 21 days as I would have my exams after that.

So can I join it for 21 days from tomorrow…??

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Sure… Welcome to the challenge


I am in. Though not sure how to count productive/unproductive hours. I will try to use a software like screenshotmonitor, let’s see if it works.

I am making myself clean of digital screen addiction, so for me to use garbage sites or apps AT ALL will be a relapse.

Garbage sites or apps are porno, social, news, netflix like etc. I have them all in my blocksite app list on all the devices. So ,if I enter a password to open those sites - will be a relapse. If I relapse → through me out :wink:

Please, add my code 2ov27i.


Use anything to clock your time. This challenge will make participants think Time=money. Lets go


@The_wild_perception Brilliant challengeđź‘Ź

Guys rules are clear I guess??? We ll begin tomorrow

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@The_wild_perception I do not promise daily login but I can assure that I shall be productive and accountable to fullest. After a week, i will be starting pranayama and cold showers also. I will do whatever it takes me to be my best version. Iam on fire​:boom::boom:

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Hey guys! All newcomers and who have been relapsing frequently…come here…take this challenge seriously…FEEL THE URGENCY…WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR??
Lets get over this addiction together and forever…Weak desire produces only weak results…So desire EXTREME. .Lets take charge of our life. Com’mon…let’s fight!!

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Ok Friend Thanks !! Than I am in

Not to be harsh, but non serious people will be kicked out without second thought


I’m in this broda @The_wild_perception , wanted to join such a challenge.
Good luck to all!!!


add your names to the list

Extreme productivity begins :muscle::muscle:

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Yo @The_wild_perception ,
I would recommend to post a daily update logging format like:-

  1. Productive hours

  2. Unproductive hours or hours you wasted instead of being productive

  3. Are you satisfied with your day?

  4. How was your Nofap challenge today (just post either good, neutral or bad).

I think it’s a good format for daily logs.


The post is locked and cannot be edited.

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How to add my name to the list? Actually I am new to the forum and still figuring out how different things work here.