Govind-19 diary entries

I’m gonna write two entries together again. Damn it’s a lot of typing😭

Day 11
So my relatives actually came to admit their son in a medical school here. The college is like 10 km away from home. We all left at like 10 in the morning and came back home only at 10 at night. We were traveling throughout the day. I traveled a total of 120 Kms today. I was tired and car sick! I reached home and passed the fuck out! I’m keeping it short coz I’m tired right now as well :sweat_smile:

Day 12

My relatives left to Kerala today. I felt bad coz it was a fun couple of days. I watched like one episode of peaky blinders and went to meet the dog owner from whom I’m adopting a dog! The dogs name is Jenny and she’s adorable and super energetic! But maintenance is a bit expensive. I need to figure out some way to cut costs without harming her in any way. After I came back in went and played badminton with my friends. I’m playing for the first time since the accident. My knee was still weak but I managed. Had a lot of fun playing as well. All in all a good day!


Day 13

All in all it was a boring day. Nothing special happened. I’m gonna give my knee till the end of the week to completely heal up. I’ll start working out from then. I continued to watch peaky blinders, honestly it’s getting a bit slow. They could have ended the series really well with season 3 but in a different way. But season 4 is not that bad. It’s good but lags a bit. Season 5 is supposedly amazing so I can’t wait to finish the series. Appart from watching it and helping my mom with laundry and stuff, I didn’t really do much. Mostly day dreaming about how it will be when the dog arrives and what car we might buy. We’re stuck between Tata nexon and Kia sonet. Me an dmy sis and all the experts say Kia sonet is better but my father likes nexon for some reason. Mainly coz it’s cheaper but it ain’t that much of a difference. nofap wise no problems at all. I did get urges in the afternoon after watching a sex scene in peaky blinders. But I’m kinda used to it. There’s a lot of sex scenes in peaky blinders so i was bound to get urges someday. Honestly I didn’t think I will finish 3 seasons without urges, so that’s an improvement. Anyway that’s about it. Peace out :v:

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Day 14

I can sum today up in a couple of sentences. I watched peaky blinders till I went to play badminton with my friends. It was awesome, I played really well, everyone had a lot of fun, we went to a local bakery and drank tea and spend some time before coming back home. After prayer and dinner, I’ll still watch a bit of peaky blinders and sleep! Ps: season 4 climax was fucking brilliant. It was worth the watch! Alright peace :v:


Day 15

I woke up at 8 or something and after getting done with the usual stuff, I continued to watch peaky blinders. It was the last couple of episodes and I finished watching season 5. Unlike other seasons, this one left us with a major cliffhanger. Can’t wait for the next season. Apparently David Beckham and Rowan Atkinson is playing some major role in the next season. I spent a lot of my time here today on the topic of sex not being relapse and the incest one. It was mostly useless. Same old, same old. Everything goes smoothly until they say god is everything and worshipping one particular god is the only way and and everything god related. I’m honestly tired of all of that shit and don’t care anymore. After leaving all that nonsense behind, I went on and played football with my friends on the turf. There were 11 of us and I had the best time playing. It was a lot of fun. My team won both the games we played. But in the second game, I twisted and sprained my left ankle. I think I’ve been cursed or something :joy::expressionless:. A week ago I met with an accident and hurt my right knee, so I put of my workouts till I got better. Now when I got better I sprained by left ankle… I don’t know when I’ll be able to continue my workouts now. Soon, hopefully. Other than that nothing much happened today. I’ll start watching attack on Titan season 4. Been putting it off for way too long. Ok peace out!

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Well regarding twisting of ankle, I am a basketball player and it used to happen to me a lot, main solution to prevent it from happening is a little warm up and proper stretching before the game, though who am I to advice you😂, you already have pretty good knowledge regarding this type of stuff.

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You are right my friend, but when you are just playing with your friends for fun you usually tend to forget all of that and just jump right in​:joy::joy::joy:. AHH well it’s not a new thing, it has happened to me a lot. I’ve tied bandages around my ankle and not putting pressure on it. It’ll take a couple of days though

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Day 16

Today was a lazy day. I legit did nothing of importance. But the fact that after 2 more days, my classes will start again kinda worrys me. I don’t want my holidays to get over. It’s been so chill for a month. But all good things must come to an end. Im upto date on season 4 of attack on Titan. Then in the evening I watched pulp fiction. Other than that, I don’t even remember what I did today. I was hoping to go play, or atleast stand and watch others play today, but they all cancelled and I felt disappointed. It’s usually the time I play with my friends that I’m the happiest. It’s literally what I look forward to everyday. But we’ll be playing tomorrow so no probs. Also the person I was planning to adopt the dog from had last minute second thought and decided to not give the dog for adoption. Kinda sucks coz I was really looking forward to having a dog. So was my parents, we were low-key preparing our house for the dog. But I’ll keep trying to adopt a dog. There’s a damn good shelter near sarjapur but that’s kinda far away. So I’m not sure when I’ll be able to go check it out. That’s it for today! Ciao!:alien:

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Crepe bandage helps a lot, just put some spray or tube like volini on your ankle and tie crepe bandage,
Also you will surely get a dog soon don’t get disappointed.