Gift to yourself as motivation (50 days challenge)

Have to admit, I have restarted my strike 2 times now. 0/50 again. Just hate myself doing this, and hate this anxiaty and derpression afterwards.

I need to prepare better. I am going to keep checklist of things that i need to do for a day. It keeps me in straight line and doesnt let me forget how important is to stay focused in this fight. That checklist is in my diary topic that I also keep besides this topic.

As long as keeping scors, guys I need to kindly ask to keep score with me in my post, so we can keep this thread from days counting spam. I want to suggest If you will support me to make post every 10 days where we can update each other with days counts and discuss in that post in this thread about urges, what kept us going or what made us fail. Hope you understand me, english is my second language.

We can right now post our days count, and next update will be in 10 days (6.9.2021 with my timezone). In period between, we can post enything else (memes, motivation, our interests and other stuff what ever you want)…

Do you agree? It will be like small meeting every 10 days :smiley:

@Adioz_aka_Adidas @Purity11 @ysub @PowerfulNFPWarrior @Nep1234id

Make sure you tag someone else in this thread and add friends to join us… Best wishes




You shoul check this guys posts. His post is curently among top days, there are some deep and practical advices and tips. Nick : jetstream98

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It is good to check on each other. That’s what we call as “accountability”.
Everyone can do that. Company is always stronger than willpower.

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I have started my journey from yday let’s see how far I can go.


For all those on here who are stuck relapsing. Start fresh, no fap and strong September :ok_hand::ok_hand::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Day 12/50 Check-in :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

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Starting afresh!!! Stop Stroking September has started !!!

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About to finish 2days.
I have decided I won’t buy anything new for myself. Until unless I complete clean at least 30days… I will continue till 50days don’t worry.
Since past few months I have been buying many gadgets(I am fond of that) and when I buy something new old one will be found in some corner(rarely used).

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Make that gadget something special, the one on 50th day. Something that will be your trophy and it will remind you of your victory and conquest over yourself.

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If you have Garmin device, this is a good distraction and challange to yourself. Set your step goal and go afther this little medals.

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Which app it is?? @Delfin

Hey guys, great challenge
Made me happy :slight_smile:
I never gifted myself anything, never came to my mind, it’s actually pleasing

I never reach 50, my max is 8 (for the last few months)

I’m on day 5,

What I’m gonna gift myself :
Go out and try different, wierd food at some restaurant. Which is something I wanted to do since long time ago.

New wierd food, here I come :slight_smile:


Garmin connect, must be connected to device

Good luck, I am glad that you like this concept of challange. Hope we are going to see picture of that food in this thread :grinning:

Day 1 today! Gifting myself with new sneakers after 15 days atleast




  • That’s my max for the last 5 months
  • For the next 7 days, I’m gonna be living alone , totally alone, that’s a challenge, to keep my depression away.
  • I did think alot already about 365 days gift, not expensive but life changing ,that’s really valuable

I started to feel slightly weaker, I need a booster , any suggestions?

I’m gonna gift my self for my 22 birthday,
55 days streak,


You will turn 22 on 23 October, nice :+1::+1:. This is going to be your best birthday if you maintain your streak :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::blush:.

Wishing you all the best and happy birthday in advance .


So guys, it is time to do some days counting and to tell some experience. My record is 42 days but I have acidently deleted all my data. As long as this reward thing conserns, now I am on day 9/50.
I have had some minor urges in this period of time, and usually I have much more. I think the reason for not having many urges is sports activity and keeping myself busy, but mostly phisycal activity (bike riding, walking, hiking)

Please, feel free to share your count data.
Next update is in 10 days (16.9.2021)

@ysub @prothekter_aden @Yash21 @Rab_J