Gift to yourself as motivation (50 days challenge)

Hi guys. This is casual challange to yourselves, but you do not need to bring any update or status.

:arrow_right: Concept is - pick something thay you are going to buy to yourself at day 50, show it up in this topic and let us talk about our hobbies and interests. Let 's use other hobbies to overcome this filthy one.

:arrow_right: You do not need to ask to joing this challange, everyone is wellcome and you are the one who keeps track of your results.

:arrow_right: Let’s share our hobbies and intrests and show others what makes you happy.

:arrow_right: If you want you can post a picture of your reward before or after you buy it, so others can see what is it and maybe you will find some friends with commont interests.

:bangbang: One rule - you can only buy it when you reach 50 days. If you cheat, you only cheat yourself and you won’t enjoy that purchase as you would when you earn it with no fap and it will remind you that you have failed every time you see it.

:white_check_mark: Treats and rewards is good way to stay motivated.

I’ll start first. I am planning to buy Cyberpunk video game or maybe new handlebar riser for my moutain bike. What to you think what should I buy as reward?

What will be your reward at day 50?!



I will gift a ear bud to myself …


Wish you luck. Hope you will enjoy your pods… :slightly_smiling_face:


This challange is good for saving some money too :slightly_smiling_face:


Very good challenge @Delfin

Ill get best food for me at day 50… :+1::v::v::v::v:


Hey thanks for making this thread!!

On 0 day today

My gift would be a Parker fountain pen that I got as a birthday gift which got lost and wanna buy


Nice small trophy that will remind you that you can do it! I hope you will reach day 50 :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Wish you luck… It will be nice reward for you. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


@Delfin Noice I love the idea of reward brother, ok fine but I cannot just declare ‘I’ll get myself…’ coz I’m still a brat under 18 , so I’ll ask my parents to get me a basketball once I cross my 50th Day :basketball::basketball::basketball: #inspired from KNB anime :fire::fire::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Man this is better than I tought. Allready planing gift for 100 days :rofl::rofl::rofl: This really keeps me going

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The reward I want is so subtle man

Buying something for myself can’t really make me happy at this point. I sure need money and food and stuff.
Something that is truly rewarding to me is high intelligence and willpower. I’ve failed so far to have those.


I respect your goals but please respect this thread and challenge, there are much other threads in this forum for spiritual and soul uplift, I suggest you go find them.

This thread is about materialistic treats and rewards, so we can treat ourselfes and invest in other interests, such as hobbies and diversions from po*n. Also we can discuss each others hobbies and interests and maybe get some idea for buying.

Small or big rewards for this huge fight are good thing and motivation.

I will try to buy a beyblade stadium and new beys :laughing: and yeah i will surely have those benefits of nofap . Nice @Delfin , lovely idea.


Yes, good luck.I am making every relaps as prolong or punishment, so if I relaps, this gift to myself is getting further and further from me to buy it. :rofl:

I colud buy my treat right now, but I did not earned it at this time, so I would not enjoy it as if I would earned it in this challange. Maybe even I would feel guilt after buying it right now…

Wish you luck with staduim. Keep us informed how is it going. Stay strong :ok_hand: @PowerfulNFPWarrior

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I’m doing this with my brother. Personally I haven’t done anything in around a year. But my brothers is pretty bad.

When he reaches 50, I’m going to take him to go do whatever he wants to.


Wasn’t trying to disrespect ofc
Fine I’ll keep away though
I was implying that this isn’t for me and the accompanied frustration.

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I’ll gifting myself a new PS after this


I’ll gift Mi Smart Band 6

Mi Smart Band 6 [email protected],499 | Bounce Into Action for myself.


Going thru some strong urges… :smirk::smirk::smirk: What to do?

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Recall ur gift… cyberpunk

Got any action plans for urges??
Recall that too… If u haven’t got any action plans first sit down… Take a pen n paper write down an action plan immediately…

U know what to do to escape ur urges according to ur circumstances… So figure them out n write them point by point…

Or go through others’ diaries and plans in this forum to create one… Know what others r doing to escape urges…

Finally fight and don’t give up buddy…