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Okay, then why do we have incisors, and more importantly, canine teeth (the ultimate carnivore predator weapon)? Vegetarians are also largely malnourished and must take supplements to overcome a badly balanced diet. Barring health issues, going “all vegetables” or “all meat” is unhealthy in my opinion. It is best to be balanced, perhaps 70% fruits/vegetables and 30% meat. It depends on the person.


You are not saying this, your tongue which wants tasty food is saying all of this. I have given the biological reasons and the risks of eating non veg, if you’re malnourished by eating veg, obviously you have to make changes in your diet. Incisors and canines help in cutting the food, and molars do grinding action. Herbivores have largely grinding action just like us, we have both cutting and grinding action, but carnivores have only cutting action.

Every person’s intestine length is same, the enzymes present in saliva are same, anything that’s in a person’s body is same as any one else on the planet.

It’s not subjective trut that it’s true for you not for me, it’s the objective truth, applies to every HUMAN BEING, now, it’s upto you if you want to risk your life and well being by eating non veg.

Good day!

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Sorry, but vegetarian and non-vegetarian is purely personal preference.

From a biological perspective, humans are OMNIVORES, hence we have BOTH canines AND molars

If we were herbivores, we would lack canines and have a diastema instead. If we were carnivores, we would lack grinding molars and have only sharper molars. We’re adaptable to both.

Veg/non-veg is purely a matter of choice. Also veg/non-veg have their own benefits. Nothing is better than the other :slight_smile: it’s just what you prefer.

Brother, I don’t think you mean to be offensive by saying this, but please don’t post stuff like this which is quite exaggerative. I 100% agree that eating undercooked/antibiotic infused meat can increase chances of disease, as well as over-eating non veg causing cholesterol deposition and the like, but just eating non veg doesn’t condemn you to risk of life and well being. Some people are non-vegetarians and some people are vegetarians on this forum, so just bear that in mind and respect it :smiley:


Look man, I don’t want to argue with anyone. I have already explained about molars, canines and incisors. I told the biological reasons and risks of eating meat. Even then you are simply denying by saying “it’s a matter of choice”. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, what’s your preference, your body is a human body, it will react to non veg the way I described it. It will be harmful to your health. You are 200% more likely to get cancer by eating non veg, and I also explained already other biological reasons. Only for the sake of feelings, I will never support the untrue. Truth is truth whether you believe in it or not, it doesn’t matter. Also, I never forced anyone, I simply stated facts.


If you try to explain to someone who is an addict to PMO about harmful effects of PMO, he will also say “please don’t exaggerate”


Woah bro this is totally scientific and there is also some astrological theories regarding this
I used to go to gym and my diet was fully non vegetarian
I m saying honestly that whenever I used to eat non veg I used to feel like an unknown guilt in my mind
And with eating non veg I was irritated easily my mind was full of anger then and my thoughts were totally bad and full of lust toward women
Then this lockdown and corona came
I stopped eating non veg and boom I got back my peace of mind at some extent
Started feeling happy and many other benefits which I couldn’t explain bro.

Har har mahadev❤


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Can you please provide links to the scientific studies you are mentioning? I would be interested in reading them, since I’m anyways someone who eats veg most of the time.

I will have to search for it just like you. I have learned all of these over the years.

My point brother. Without any scientific study to back it up, all your claims are appearing to be exaggerated. I’m sure if we had a 200% higher chance of cancer from eating meat, we would have stopped long ago.

I’m just requesting you not to post things like this.

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So I should first do scientific research before talking anything? As I said, I learned them over the years, what benefit will I be getting if anyone stops eating meat? I am only wishing good for people. And also, it’s upto to them what they eat, I have simply stated scientific facts.

You go eat whatever you want, I never told you what to eat and what not to eat.

Yes, it is generally advisable to know what you’re talking about before talking about it.

I agree. I know that you have good intentions in mind only while posting this, and so do I.
I’m just requesting you to research biologically and unbiasedly before stating facts, since a lot of people come here for advise, and we should not mislead them.

While I do agree that veg is good, it’s important not to give wrong information either, and to respect that not everyone has to agree with you :slight_smile: that all.

Yes, I am aware. I have no problem with the fact that you suggested veg-thats good, in fact.

I’m only wondering why you consider non-vegetarians worse than cannibals and would also be interested in the scientific research behind us imbibing negativity from animals and the like. I’m just interested because if I can find evidence for that, I would be glad to improve myself and switch to complete veg instead of 80-90% like now.

You are going to make false accusations on me?

All of that is right information. You don’t agree? Fine. But do not make accusations on me that I mislead people and give false information.

@Consecrator see, if you can provide evidence, like @raushan is linking, I would be more inclined to believe you, that’s all. That or something you know from personal experience because you have tried it.

Forget scientific research, forget my words and forget me, just try for yourself for sometime eating vegetarian, and also try for sometime eating non veg, and observe how your body behaves. And decide for yourself. I’m 100% sure your body will feel more good when you eat vegetarian.

Yes see, that’s good advice :+1: I will try 2 weeks pure veg and then 2 weeks a little bit non veg and see what happens.

I could feel it , u are greatly inspired by sadguru🙏 and his thoughts

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