Get rid off of attraction for opposite sex, here's how

This post is meant to bring peace, clarity understanding and freedom from PMO to the reader’s life.

The reason why male/female attraction is so difficult to get rid off is the ignorance to think of ourselves as bodies not as soul. As long as we identify ourselves with the differences that there in human bodies we will get attracted to the other gender.

The illusion of nature is such that every single addiction or attraction for sensual enjoyments are covered by false hope of happiness in that addiction. It’s like poison is covered by a layer of cake. We get manipulated by layer of cake and get stuck in the poison of addictions or attraction.

Story of Male/female attraction starts from the caveman humans who do not used to wear any clothes at all. At that time, obviously the sexual organ of someone were as common as his/her hands. At this time only the skin was serving the purpose of a layer of cake hiding all the flesh and filth of the body. At this time only the natural biological attractions were present.

But as the time passed, we humans started wearing clothes which not only served the original purpose of protecting our bodies but also created CURIOSITY for the people to see what’s beneath the clothes. Clothes served the purpose for 2nd layer of cake. Clothes are artificial attractions created by humans. Again, as the time passed, because of sexual liberation movement and “my body my choice my clothes” Type of movements, people started to wear seductive and semi naked clothes, which is more dangerous than full nudity. What semi naked and seductive clothes do is, they tease the people Who look at them and thereby increasing the curiosity to another level to see what’s beneath the clothes.

This curiosity itself was the main reason for us to search online for the hot stuff, the very first time. And as time passed we got stuck in PMO addiction.

What people do is, they keep on glorifying their bodies with the help of colorful and sexy clothes, perfumes, make-up which are like more layers of cake over the poisonous reality of body and all of these things do a very good job in hiding the filth of body and to increase the already present illusion of body to a whole another level. (I’m being gender neutral here)

The solutions are to simply to be more mindful of the filth of the bodies, To realize that bodies are nothing but a combination of blood, flesh, bones, urine, and stool, To realise that we all are souls, having a temporary body experience and to look at bodies AS THEY ARE, full of dirt and filth.

No enemy is greater than the physical attraction. Defeat the deceitfulness of the body and Look through the layers of cake and see the poison AS IT IS.

How long will you see a naked person? After a while you will find it is over. After all, what is there to see in a naked person? It’s all about the clothes. The secret of nudity lies in the concealment of the body by clothes.

This is the reality which lies beneath 1millimeter of skin. People go crazy after this skin. Now tell me what’s special in this? People call this beautiful, handsome, etc. This is the ugly and real face of a human being. Tell me what is so special here that someone gets attracted to this? Know the truth, detachment will come by itself.

Every thing is illusion in this material world, knowledge will help you to get out of this trap of illusion.

Good day! :sunny:


Great Words Man , Jai Shree Ram🙏


Thank you, Jai shree raam :heart::pray:


Hey brother , I read your post in a topic , Yeah , you were saying , these generation is ruined, just want to expose itself for attention .


Absolutely brother, clothes are meant only for protection of the body, but too many people use clothes only to seduce the other gender, which is not good for society, this will only increase lust in society. Where ever there is nudity or semi nudity that society is going to get destroyed for sure. :100:

I was labelled misogynist for speaking about that. It’s ok, people at the level of their understanding. It’s great that you know the truth bro @RishuWw


But other guys did not understood your post.

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Exactly brother, they highly misunderstood me. It’s not their fault. They just don’t know the truth.


Yeah bro :pray:,I think you read Ram charitmanas and you mentioned that We should pray Ram Nam , Can you please explain, it will help me alot , :pray::pray:.

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Brother I can explain it, but first let me know if you’re ready to sacrifice something

I mean there is a condition to chant ram naam. It needs a sacrifice from you.

Ok let me tell you, IF YOU want to chant ram naam, then you have to completely leave worshipping any other deity and be devoted only to Lord shri ram, this is written in ramcharitamanas.

Yeah , What sacrifice?

is it written in ram Charit manas ? OH , Can you please tell me in which verse or anything .

I don’t know the verse but I learned all of this from devotees of Lord shri ram. If you want to know the verse, give me some time, I will come back give you in which verse it is written.

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Yeah , we need self-control but our generation is ruined to get attention ,they can do anything .

THANKS BRO , Where are you from , Am from Haryana .

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I’m from Karnataka bro.


Great bro , Good luck for your journey of nofap and this beautiful Life .

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Yes thank you very much I wish you the same. By the way, do you want to know the verse?

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Yeah , Cause I have some friends who also do Nofap and I will tell them to read it .

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