Get back to Green, and Beyond! <closed>

:green_circle: :green_circle:To Green and Beyond! :green_circle: :green_circle:

Hi Everyone!

This challenge is for those who are struggling to get up off the ground. For those who are struggling to get beyond the 21 day mark and eventually 90 days.

This challenge is a race. A race to see who can get to 21 days, then 90 days the fastest!

Outline of Challenge :red_car: :blue_car:
:racing_car: This challenge will consist two races. One from Zero Minute to 21 days and another from 21 days to 90 days! It is your job to get to those as fast as possible.

:racing_car: You will not be out by relapsing. You will however “crash” and be forced to restart the races again from the very beginning.

:racing_car: This challenge will also not be open to those who have a higher Current Streak than 90 days. This is a beginner’s challenge. But you guys did awesome to get where you are! I congratulate you.

:racing_car: If you have a CS higher than 21 days but less than 90, you will automatically be entered into the second race.

:racing_car: If you succeed in passing 21 days you will be moved from the first race to the second race where you will continue to race until you hit 90 days! However if you relapse here, you will be sent back to the beginning of the first race to try again.

:racing_car: If you finish 90 days, congrats! You “win” you will be moved to a special scoreboard called, “Graduates” where you can reflect on your achievement of being 90 days clean of this addiction. Graduates, feel free to stick around! If you relapse after 90 days and wish to race again, feel free!

:racing_car: If you wish to withdraw from the challenge all together, say “Withdrawing” or message me. I will scrub you from all leaderboards.

:racing_car: Fill the comments with inspiring quotes and testimonies! Give others hope that they can in fact beat this!

:racing_car: You can enter at any time!

Replies are not necessary to remain in this challenge as I, like you have a life. I will try my best to keep up with the leaderboard and your streak until you tell me you want out. :slight_smile:

Be nice in the replies, everyone is here for the same reason, to beat this addiction.

Don’t try to lie… everyone is here again for the same reason.

I (The.Second) am only one man. Please be patient with me if you need something. DM me if you have questions.

Lets beat PMO! Together!

To Enter
Reply with your Username, Sharing Code, Your Current Streak, your Highest Streak and Gender/Age!
IE: The.Second, 2vtwcl, CS: 1 Day, HS: 14 Days, 22M

I look forward to racing with you! If you have any suggestions please let me know and I will take it into consideration! God Speed!

The leaderboard will show the day you are on as of the date shown. I will round down to the day not up. Less than one day will be denoted as <1 Day to eliminate confusion.

This Challenge is constantly evolving. Feel free to suggest things!

:green_square: Leaderboard (Race 1; 0 Days to 21 days!) :green_square:

  1. letsdoitthistym 14 Days

  2. disciple153 12 Days

  3. more_ya 11 Day

  4. jarjar 9 Days

  5. ChristianMan 6 Day

  6. Satimata 3 Days

  7. 3 Days

  8. Dr.vikas 2 Day

  9. praveeny <1 Days

  10. The.Second <1 Days

  11. Matt91582 <1 Day

:blue_square:Leaderboard (Race 2 21-90 Days!) :blue_square:

  1. Djalan 80 Days

  2. Chosen_One 75 Days

  3. Vicky 71 Days

  4. Zuko 65 Days

  5. Animol 54 Days

  6. Rohitash 26 Day

  7. Bilal_M 22 Days

:star:Champions! (>90 Days!) :star:

  1. Weir Completed 6/4/22

(As of 6/5/22 5:00pm EST)

Lets get to this!!!


Add me - rzpjbx
I wanna join.
Let’s see how far we will go.


ChristianMan - fv39jh, C.S. 0, H.S. 25, 15M


Day 3
Highest is 45 days
19 y/o Male


CS: Day 2
HS: Day 29


All above have been seen and added! Welcome!


Starts in 2 days! Get ready. Let’s get back to this together!


Started! Lets beat this together!


@The.Second bro, is it possible to challenge anyone for 10 days or 21 or etc. It will be more intresting. Two racers challenge each. If it’s ok then i challenge you bro @The.Second

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Add me bro
HS-75 days long time back


Username- Anmol009
Sharing code-br3sin
CS-4 D
HS-15 D


Let’s see who wins!
All the best players!
Keep in touch.


@Djalan that is a great idea! I accept your challenge! I’ll put it in the rules!

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Day 2 daily checking in


Day 2 checkin :ballot_box_with_check:

February 3

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Day 12 check in :white_check_mark:
4th February

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Check In day 2!

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I relapsed…

There’s more practice needed than just planning and thinking…

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@more_ya no worries brother! this takes time. You got this man!


I think, you got a mistake. You have forgotten to change the date. We started our race on February 2 and yesterday was feb 3. So pls change the date to feb 3. Am I correct?:thinking: