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Just count me in

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All the best buddy
U can achieve what u desire…


Today is my first day.
Till now this was starting and i was also new to rewire and for the first time no one make a great streak oftenly so its already a month or two pass and now this is the time to start a 90 days challenge and than leads to an year and than 1000 days …
In this forum i will share my experience and you can easily read that how i start it how it will pass and so on…
From today my challenge will be start and i hope today is my last day to watch porns do masturbation from till i will surely not go to PMO and i will be achieve my goal and aim of 90 days and than a year and than 1000 days …

I am on day first i want to start a big challenge but i want to tell you about PMO that how PMO (porns masturbation orgasms) ruined my life and it can also ruining everyone life if this addiction cannot stopping and controlling the individual…
Lets read and listen the story.
I have doing masturbation since 2017 and start ■■■■ videos since 2020 and now 2023.
Its mean i masturbate 6 years and watch porns 3 years round about.
I start trying to stop PMO since 2022 but i have not any idea about rewire community i just stopping it for 3_7 days sometime 10-15 days some time 2_3 time a day sometime just once in a day sometime once in a weak and it depends upon how my lifestyle.If i busy in somework like my school or college or in a trip or in a function etc the PMO can’t attack during this time but when i free there will had more chances of PMO but whatever now i will tell my body condition.
1)started losing health.
2)started losing brain.
3)started losing study.
4)started losing my mind power
5)started losing my freinds.
6)Started losing my thinking and thinking power.
7)Started and come acni on face.
8)Loosing my natural beauty.
9)Loosing my great outlook of my face and body.
10)Loosing my beautiful hairs.
11)Hairs become bushes type.
12)Started weakness in body.
13)Started weakness in my brain mind.
14)Started my vision weakness.
15)Started Mobile addiction because of ■■■■ addiction.
16)Started dark circles around eyes and fracky face.
17)Started lines in forhead.
18)Started weakness in bones specially hands bone.
19)Started hating from people.
20)Also started hating from family .
21)Started to become silent and anxious everytime.
22)Started angerness.
23)Started farness from social activities and society.
24)Started farness from relegion.
25)Started memory loss.
26)Started procrastination in study since 2020.
27)Losing my great memorization power.
28)Dopamine level so increase.
And many more ( i think these some are in my mind now ).
These all benefits ( i say it from anger) i got it from PMO.
Now its time to recover all these problems one by one with streak and level.
Sorry i am very weak in English but you people try best to understand my language.
So just think about these problems which came in me due to PMO and i think many more like me have all these problems but its now time to get out from comfort zone.
From now i will share my experience that how i get rid and you people give me confidence please and be start nofap…

9 days completed With great efforts and that task is very difficult but i cannot accept the defeat and fight all time with urges

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