Fighting for my Life

Thanks a lot @Dean_Ambrose & @PrDr
I do these mistakes when i am tired & irritated. I am working over my weakness. I have recognized this issue in me.


:fire::fire: DAY 20 :fire::fire:

At night, tried to console her and say sorry, she was angry & agitated. She kicked & put her long nails to scratch my hand and after some time i went back to my place after half consoling her. Went to sleep with guilt ridden & i found fault in me, and i need to get better.

Walking done upto Remfall farm.
40+26+20+26+17 = 129 ( indian pushups )

Tomorrow i will take one day holiday from excercise.

6 rounds walking in evening.

Now, i can control my body like posture, where to look, and dont give reaction, now i walk straight with chest high &; forward like an alpha male.
When i see some humans, my body posture becomes erect & confident, like ready for anything.
This control is spreading gradualy & i am happy for this benefit.

Now, i am opening my shoulder blades which were blocked & rusted from a decade. I am also opening my all blocked bones, joints & muscles. My energy flows ; is revitalising all body.

The confidence & motivation gets so high sometimes that i can fly &; just explode on my target & ready for any challenge.


:fire::fire: DAY 21 :fire::fire:

Sometimes a liquid comes out of dick randomly without any thoughts.

Today is sunday, i have given the body a holiday from physical workout.

Went to market &; bought some vegetables, i was focused &; present in the moment. Very pleased from my confidence & performance. Social anxiety is significantly reduced.

Tried to repair washbasin tap.

Eaten food at dining table with family.

Starting meditation from tomorrow before excercise.

4 rounds walking in evening. Cant hold my legs for too long. Need some walking.


Bro, sometimes I cannot understand this, probably because I have no experience in matters of love and relationships, but her scratching you and kicking you over such a petty issue and you thinking of beating her with stick over the same issue, don’t you think are unnecessary and kinda childish? Forgive me, if I say something wrong. But I feel that both you and your wife need to get a little less intolerant and more gentle with each other. You are grown up people. Its ok that you have quarrels sometimes, but don’t let that turn physical bro. That can really destroy a relationship imo.
I am glad that you are getting better everyday, and I hope that you will also help your wife getting better by helping her out of her problems as well bro.
Take care.


Thanks @PrDr
You are right we both are not behaving like matures.

I think it will take some time, maybe after my Reboot, i can be a matured man :blush:


Ohh, are you banned again bro? :pensive: They should seriously give you a chance atleast. But, I am glad that atleast you are bettering yourself. Don’t let these small things such as this ban, affect your journey bro. Don’t be too angry. As I have said before, whether anyone else believes in you or not, I do.

How would he get banned? He is doing great! So much improvement


Keep going bro. You can do it. Honestly.


Yes man, I know. But he had other accounts in the past which were banned, and any new account to circumvent the ban is against the rules, so… But its been long, so I feel they should allow him to continue here. He is only working on himself, has become so much kinder and gentler and is not harming or trolling anyone at all. So, he deserves to be here. But we can’t make that happen, only mods can.


He is @sahas I think , idk why he was banned , he is a nice dude …


Yes bro, he is @sahas . If you remember, there was another account of his which was banned like a month ago and then he had to create this profile. But, atleast he is getting better and knows that everyone here loves him. I hope this ban cycle will end soon.


Yes he is getting better thats what matters the most. May he succeed in his life!

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:100: wise words @rohankians