Female nofappers vs male

I think I’m noticing a pattern.Most males doing this are doing it as part of a multi-faceted approach to self-improvement which is at least subconsciously motivated by a desire to be more attractive to the female of our species.The women on the other hand seem to either have religion based guilt surrounding masturbation or are hoping nofap will cure their depression or other mental illness.Any thoughts.


Some males including myself have undertaken this to rid of depression also. I think not fapping in males must be stabilising the chemical imbalance which affect our emotions. But, thank you for the insight☺. I too think the reasons you stated are generally true.


Desensitized dopamine receptors would be related to depression in both genders. It just seems to me like fapping is an escape for women and an easy outlet for the sexual urge for men.Given how easily sex can be obtained for most women very few of them are doing it out of a lack of other options. The women have plenty of options but know that there are emotional and physical risks involved if they are not careful.Becoming an emotionally scarred single mother with an STD and a reputation as a “slut” is not something men are concerned with.


Its misfortune that we males have pervy mind compared to woman.


That boils down to inheriting the mating strategy that best ensures the survival of our genes For men it’s spreading our seed and for women it is selecting only the best seed.

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It’s kind of a relief knowing women struggle with PMO as well. That just proves it’s not a man (only) problem.

I would look at it this way. Men can spread their seed their whole adult life but women are on a clock :alarm_clock:. They truly have control when it comes to making babies.

In general I think everyone who deals with PMO gets tired of it and knows it isn’t healthy. That might be the primary motivator for nofap.


I think you’ve got some insights there dude.
It’s funny to think that men have ‘control’ over women. Since some think that they are the superior gender or whatever. But what they are doing - doing no Fap for self-improvement, hitting the gym, making money, finding fame it all boils down to the need to attract the female audience (as you’ve said). Akin to a peacock showing it’s beautiful feathers.

The guy Napoleon Hill who wrote Think and Grow rich, wrote exactly the same thing under the sexual transmutation chapter. Normally, there is a great woman behind any man’s great achievements/contributions.

Although, I do not agree with one of your points. Men can also have mental health issues related to PMO especially those who are religious or “used to be”. A lot of people here are guilt ridden from masturbation.

@Angel_in_a_cage, is that a sound garden quote?

This is a topic I’ve wondered about. I dated a girl who was a sex addict, and as great as that may sound, it’s actually hell. When she was young she told me she fapped a lot, like 10 - 20 times a day. I get that the chemistry of girls is different and therefore the effects are different too. The fact of the matter is that her life is out of control.

Looking back over my life I realise that fapping was the first addiction I formed, that was followed by alcohol, smoking, and eventually drugs. Now that I am clean from all substances, I realise that fapping is the last and possibly hardest addiction to end, but it was the start to the other addictions. Fapping made me withdrawn and unable deal well in social situations, then alcohol magically made me fit in, and so the addiction cycle escalated. I guess the point is that I have seen the same pattern in my ex, the first addiction she formed was fapping, and all addictions escalate unless stopped. So girls who fap might have different chemical changes to guys, but any out of control addiction will escalate and ultimately have negative effects on the quality of life.

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I’LL admit that nothing I have written is very original but I didn’t quote anyone.

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I had a similar experience with a woman with a much bigger libido than mine.I was miserable because I felt tired all the time and it felt like work rather than play.That’s crazy to think that fapping is harder to stop than drugs!!!

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Going a bit off topic for this forum, but I think the reason I found it harder than drugs was because to quit drugs I just changed my circle of friends and joined AA, after all I only did drugs when drunk, so if I stayed sober I didn’t do drugs. It was quite simple to get away from drugs for me, but it’s impossible to get away from your dick… that prick follows me around everywhere I go…

Omg this is me! Why am I seeing this now.

You described all the reason as for why I’m doing this. But I don’t think it’s something that would cure depression, since there’s other factors in play. Like the environment or the people around you.

But yh I’m doing this cause of religion and for my mental well being (I can’t say for sure that I’ve got depression since I haven’t been diagnosed with anything).

You are correct in saying woman use fab and porn as an escape. But I am sorry but, you fail to realize that males also use this as an escape. In fact data shows more man use it as an escape in adulthood or childhood. Thus why you hear so much stories of childhood boys at 7 or 8 yrs. Old exposed to porn and masturbation. Some do it to escape the struggles of life, just like some smoke for escaping life. Same thing its just more of a male issue. Its an epidemic actually. Some cant go to work or feel tired all the time or get depressed or can’t make life decisions because of this. Now there are some men who aren’t like this, who watch porn for a bit and balance and are alright. But the majority is the other way. For woman I agree its the same. In terms of man using NoFab I agree man use it to escape addiction and some use it for the benefits. Those who use it for the benefits as by observation I have seen, have always failed and hasn’t lasted life time because they only focus on the benefits and not the mindset of No PMO. this is the majority though. But there are alot of men who use NoFab and NO PMO for recovery and to better themselves because alot of men need it. So no, men dont in majority use this as only for benefits. Heck some dont even know about benefits until they have experienced it in No PMO.

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But for me, im using nofap to get rid of the mindset of viewing or visualizing women in a wrong way. Because the continuous watching of porn and stories pollutes my mind to visualize women assets in a wrong way.i want to get rid of this…and i m doing for timw consuming also…its really bad to waste our precious time by watching porn and fapping.

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Well, as Socrates said:

I am too doing this for the betterment of my physical self coz our body is the only place we live our entire life, and as you know nobody wants live like crap. A good body is a home for a good mind, a good mind brings good thoughts, good thoughts generate a good lifestyle.


Yes the whole point is to change this bad mind set.

Not me! I’m doing it because porn influences me to view women as an object and not as a person. I don’t want to do that. It also causes me to be unproductive and being unproductive is damaging my career prospects. That’s why I’m doing it.

Of course it damages relationships. Take a look at the SO section on NoFap and you’ll see SO of PA are put through hell. But for me that such things aren’t the main reason for doing it.

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I’m not familiar with the abbreviations SO and PA. I am guessing PA means Porn Addiction.

Actually if you think about it 80% of men are addicted to porn. Them knowing or not knowing. Maybe it’s a summer thing. They stay home all day so it wont affect them or something. Others do it and skip class or don’t attend a meeting or find work. Now that I think about it. No Fab has helped many people but also has created this idea about just focusing on the benefits. Before No Fab there wasn’t even this movement, as soon as the movement began it became a game for most men in NoFab community only for the benefits even if they did have a porn or masturbation problem. Some used platform as a game. Not saying all because i have seen some here who don’t use it for that. But its not many. True No Fab and No PMO man or! Woman should use it to change mindset. Benefits come later. Hope all are listening to that!

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