Female NF Warrior here

Battling depression, low self esteem and lack of direct manifestation power in my life. As well as loss of physical and emotional strength, accountability, and confidence in the feminine principle. Aspiring feminine Alpha here. My goal is 365 days. Looking for accountability partners. Add me.

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Added you

My code is : 8c4147
22y/o Male in ireland

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it’s great to have you here.

i wish you all de best and a lot of strenght.
it would be really interesting to see the whole porn thing from a female point of view

my code 360e4e

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Thank you! Added you back

Thank you! Added ! Good luck from Miami USA

I hear ya delacriox. You’re in a great place to find the success you’re looking for in life. I too am in a similar place and seeking to become my greatest version, leaving behind all things that do not assist me in doing so. I have big plans for the world and they’re not gonna build themselves, I gotta get out there and make it happen. My goal is to make 2018 the year that I finally leave this tragic habit behind. I’ve been looking for an accountability partner as well! I already added you. Looking forward to rising together (: namasté sister :heartbeat::pray::earth_africa:
Male 24 USA
Code 84b7fb


Awesome…u can always becomee a wonder women if u control ur thoughts…here from india 22 year male.sharing code 925a61…lets have an competition…of longest streak…usa vs india


Hey lets support each in fighting this addiction this is my code 798fe5

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Ive added all of you. Im on Day 8 now. Feeling more grounded already.



22 M USA

I haven’t been apart of this struggle for very long time but I’m looking for as many opportunities to get help and give help. Keep up the good work.

Added. Mine f00824
Porn make worse depression, as books say and as I have experienced. My best wishes for you to walk from the darkness to the light.

@777delacroix777 How is it going? are you still in

Add me too guys .246211

Added you. 32 M and from Australia here. :slight_smile:


You can add me ass well.
Female. 28yo from Chile.


Hi @KateSista
Whats ur code?

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Mine is ehx97q
Add me back if u’d like

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Mine is 1f0f2a

added you.
my sharing code is 7888io
finnally i decided to never fap… welll i hope so…

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I am from turkey. I am looking for a girl success story to translate for turkish nofap website.

Do you have any story you can suggest.