Feeling Suicidal thanks to Fap urge

Hi community, I am a software engineer with a fap addiction. I have tried to stop this few times before but I have always failed. One such urge took me to Omegle yesterday to find a girl to snap with. Turns out I found one who agreed to do a video call on Google Hangout. 5 mins into the call my life changed for the worst. Turned out the girl was a boy in real life and had been recording me for the last 5 mins while I was touching myself. He threatened to send this video to all my friends and followers on instagram. At first I thought he was joking but then he sent me the list of all my followers (probably because my account was public). He started asking me to send him money or else he would send the video to each and everyone on my social media accounts. Panick stricken me, agreed to send him the money he had asked for. But now I am not even sure if he is gonna delete the video. What if he threatens me again. I wouldn’t be able to face my friends and family if the video gets posted online. I am having suicidal thoughts and having panic and anxiety attacks. If anyone has any suggestions or can help me out in some way please reach me. I would really really appreciate it.


Hey bro ,I can help,please message me on telegram @phoenix1674

That’s really fucked up pal, I dunno where are you from but if there’s some kind of Informatic police or something like that, putting on a declaration or something might work, but first things first, calm down, there’s nothing you can do if you get hysterical, go take a glass of water or a cold shower, whatever you think can work, also you might want to inform omegle admins so they can take action. Whatever you do, don’t let this son of a bitch win.


I am sure. Even, if you give him money he will not delete that video. You can make a plan with your closest friends. Beat him up and delete the video.

I only have this opinion.


What’s omegle… And how u got the number of that random dude?

Omegle is an online app, in which you can talk with people without no. With video.

Omg bro that’s so fucked up, you need hacker to find that man, he’s doing some criminal work

Oh ok … then I think he should contact the developer … welll it’s strange coz In most video calling apps , we get to know when the other person starts recording …

Okay sure I will text you there

I dont know man, I am really scared. Plus I am in India and the guy who blackmailed me is in Philippines. I cant even meet him or file a case against him. Plus I don’t want my family to know

We are in different countries. I cant beat him up. Plus I don’t want my friends to know of this incident

In google hangout u don’t. Its fucked up

You know anyone? Please help me. I don’t want my reputation to go for a spin. These thoughts making me suicidal

Yo, put your insta on temporary disable and also disable all your profiles on other social networks for the time being.
Take a deep breath and meditate.
Things always ,no matter how hard ,will get clearer when the dust settles ,in this case being your panic and worry.
Stay calm,deadly calm,take a sip and chill.
I know the circumstances but please calm down and look at your chances.
Suicide is not an option my friend,it will never be.
Well done for posting here on the forum,think out every move clearly,report the asshole on all platforms and do not go back to your social accounts untill the dust is settled but he is going to wait for sure coz that’s the only job he has.
Don’t reply to that guy asking for money.

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Thanks for the support. I know what you want to say, but it’s just that had it been limited to me, I wouldn’t have panicked this much. But when he is saying of informing my friends and family that things scares me to bits. Plus he has the whole list of my instagram followers which includes my friends, family, relatives everybody. So he can send them the video anytime he wants to. I have no idea what to do. I want to put an end to this harrasment. I want to become free once more. I want to smile again. Please help me out by giving any suggestions. Also since the harraser belongs to Phillipines if you know someone who can report the crime for me then please let me know

Bro, you’re a software engineer and still acting so stupidly. Any sane person would never make their social media accounts so public that random strangers could see their friends list. Over that you go on to open account on one of those despicable apps which are absolutely dangerous for entire human civilization. Then you even give that person your name and number. And most stupid of all, you go on to have video call with a random stranger without even seeing the face of that person and worse you do such stupid acts like showing your private parts. What the hell is wrong with you?
Its gonna come out anyway, so whats best for you is to - 1. Report to omegle customer support about this person. 2. Try to find out about that person by yourself if you can , using your software skills or with the help of your friends. Eg, if you have that person’s number, find out the name and location of that person using simple apps like truecaller, or some app even better.
3. If you’re unable to locate him by yourself, then go to police for help. 4. Tell your close friends about this incident, only those whom you trust. This will ease your tension. Also, if that person tries to send that video to any of these people, then you’ll know and will be able to catch this person way more easily.
***** If that video of yours doesn’t show your face , then no need to worry. Just relax and tell that person to do what he claims if he has any guts. As soon as he’ll post that video or send that video to anyone, police will track him and give him the treatment that he deserves.
And just as a sidenote, be more careful with the internet. Don’t trust anyone so stupidly. And never ever have phone sex with anyone.

P.S. When I say police, I’m referring to cyber cell (cyber police) here.

Buddy Im so sorry to hear about your current unlovely situation. It can be very troubling. But look at it this way…

Every problematic decision exists to teach us sometjing about ourselves. You have to steal back and try to figure out what the lesson is in this case.

Clue…“Come out of the Dark”.

My advise to you regarding the blackmailer is this…
Don’t send a dime to that sucker…
Not a penny! Tell him or her to do their worst! And that you are going forward to report the case to the police.
Tell him or her you have their IP address.

You see, if you send 1 dollar today to them, tomorrow they’ll ask for 5 dollars. So dont send anything.

Ultimately the universe is trying to show you that you have to let the light of truth clear up your world.

Earn the Light! Surrender to it!

The universe and the Lord of Hosts is with you!

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Yes bro i agree with you Suicide is not an option

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Don’t send him money bro , if video doesn’t show your face , just sit tight ,
And disable your Instagram for sometime and
Make private and careful with internet bro

My face is there on the video