Feeling gay... Being Christian


I know that people here is from all religions… But I want to share what I feel in case someone may need it.
I’m a 15 year old guy from Latin America (I don’t speak English that well so don’t expect much). I started in PMO at 8, when accidentally I found a porn page, I’ve never forgotten about that video, I just saw it for seconds but that was enough.
Back on my childhood I grew up really insecure about myself because I was a chubby guy, and people make fun out of me, that kinda stuff made me feel like I Just didn’t fit. Couple years later my father Left my house, and that affected me as well.
I’ll try to get to the point. Right now, with all the LGBTQ acceptance around the world I feel ashamed, because I don’t even feel like love for other guys, is something just sexual, but since I really met Jesus as my savior I know my place in this world, and I know I’m not gay… I Just want to be free from that feeling and help others trough this journey.
If you want details of my story, I’m open to answer on Private


Give me your code. Im frontal Brazil só you canal speak with me in spanish And i answer in portuguese

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But I don’t know Portuguese, only Spanish and English


Portuguese is like spanish. As diferenças são bem pequenas


Ok then. It’s fa5cbc



Te recomiendo busques en youtube a Carlos Catari… Seguro su testimonio y su actual relación con Dios te serán de mucha ayuda.



Hola @aoliva, lo he Estado viendo últimamente, es muy bueno



Me surgen algunas preguntas que mejor te escribo por privado.

Saludos, ánimo y éxito!


I have a great challenge with this pmo addiction… I was feeling g but I’m married, and Jesus restored my life.


Hey, you can tell me more about story write me

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Brother you should stop watching porn and star mediation and some yogic practice …it’s not your fault to have gay feeling …it’s all due to porn …you started watch normal porn …but day by day you have reached at the level gay porn …your mind want something new, something satisfied …
The only way to overcome is stop watching porn and start meditation . Meditation will repair your brain

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Is like this… Then I started to watch gay porn and my desires was changed and I thought that I was gay, but I never have sex with a man. At 21 years I married and think that I’ll be free of these desires, but no, if you keep feeding this in your mind you’ll never fell free.
18 months that’s I perceive that it’s possible. Now I’m just a man fighting every day against the all kinds of pornography.


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You’re not gay, it’s the porn that messed you up. Search hocd on reddit nofap, this is something many struggled with


So I know our views on this may differ, I mean no offense by this. I’m gay myself and a Christian, I feel shame from it all the time. I was in a sort of conversion therapy for a time too. I’ve done a lot of theological studies and believe it or not the word “homosexual” in the Bible was a mistranslation from the Torah. They were trying to condemn pedophilia in Rome, not homosexuality. There’s lots of academic sources that can fact check this too. Being homosexual was condemned in Biblical times because of population issues, everyone was expected to have children.
Also being gay isn’t a choice, its something you’re born as and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. God loves you unconditionally and there’s nothing wrong with you.

Now if the porn itself is an addiction, you can always see a counselor. Its worthwhile to look into why it’s a crutch in your life right now. You can kick this, I believe in you.


Before I say this, I don’t mean to offend you in anyway, I just want to have an honest conversation and maybe learn a bit myself. But from my studies with the Torah the translation for homosexual means homosexual because words can have multiple meanings too. But I don’t have sources right now and that’s not really what I wanted to talk about.

The actual point of discussion I wanted to make was that maybe there is a misunderstanding of homesexuality in mainstream culture. I’m going to let you know my opinion on this, from my experiences with other people, but I’m interested in hearing yours!

Personally I don’t see the claim of being born with homosexuality as being real. I think it is a fabrication, made by those that are homesexual and those that feel bad for the abuse of homesexuals in the past, to explain a confusing subject of why homesexuality exists. But I think that this is really not addressing the real issue.

Assuming we are talking about being born homesexual and not developing it from overuse of porn, it doesn’t make sense biologically. Like genetically it’s not possible if everything is going right, because our bodies are designed to reproduce. It’s the basic element of survival and so we cannot be genetically predisposed to desire mates that we cannot reproduce with.

Now I know there is the argument for genetic mutation, but even then, such genes would be killed off by natural selection long ago in our history before civil society existed and homesexuals were possibly forced to marry heterosexually. These occurrences happen way too often to be simple mutations which are actually quite drastic in nature when you consider it evolutionarily.

So my proposal is, and this comes from my experiences with friends, family, strangers, and having family members experienced in working with many homesexuals in social work, that homesexuality stems from childhood sexual abuse. This assumption would explain

  • why the LGBTQ community is very focused on sex (why STDs are more rampant in the gay community than in any other population, even tho homesexuals are an extreme minority),

  • why the LGBTQ community decides to act out in ways that are abnormal to society (pride parades are always very weird, and I’m not trying to be rude, most everyone agrees),

  • why those in the LGBTQ community have the highest suicide rates than any other community (again being an extreme minority, and I know of the argument about them being bullied, but even other groups who have been statistically even more oppressed than them have better suicide rates),

And much more if you want to discuss more with me. But what is the whole reason I am saying this? I’m just trying to help the OP maybe think instead of accepting his current feelings, maybe he should get help from a therapist, if indeed he has had these feelings since a young age. Because he could have repressed memories and it could help him sort things out. There have been many instances of those in the LGBTQ community seeing therapists, realizing they were sexually abused, and then losing those feelings completely.

I’m really not trying to start a flame war or anything, I just felt that I needed to explain myself before stating my opinion since it’s kinda wildly unpopular right now, at least in the US. Anyway, I’m totally up for discussing this and I don’t want to come off as rude in any way. I just hope this might have helped the OP think about things a bit more and come up with some different options.


You said what I wanted to say And even more. Your claims make more sense.

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