Erectile dysfunction

I started my nofap journey a week ago… But a problem is that my p is not erected in normal timings.
What can i do :worried:

Go to this thread, and enter the link I made.

I suggest reading the PDF “Rebooting as the best remedy”. There is mention of erectile dysfunction.

Your mind and penis have become accustomed to being aroused by specific situations and specific stimulation alone (pron). Its kinda like the Behaviour-Stimulus Response or the Pavlova’s dog of classical conditioning.

It will probably take more than a week to recover from the desentization.

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I had ED… after doing hard mode… my penis erects like a Diamond.

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Day 7 too much pain in balls

It’s time to relapse??
Anybody help me plzz

Drink a lot of water… go to toilet frequently.
Wear loose underwear.
Dont watch anything erotic.

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Leave your bed
Go out take a walk.
Visit your local store
Buy something for yourself.
Snacks or whatever.
Think of somethink you want for yourself.
Stop thinking about the pain.
Relapsing is not an option.
It will worse your condition.


Pain is Temporary… Streak is Forever.

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Just keep this in mind always.


Evening brothers in the struggle… anyone with a success story on fighting erectile dysfunction?