(entries open)"Toon" Much Power; A cartoon challenge

Welcome to my second challenge! This is like other challenges, but with a WACKY twist! This is a challenge of both NoFap and power, as you get to choose a Cartoon Character and dominate the leaderboard!

The rules are simple; the more days you have, the more powerful your cartoon character becomes. You can find friends and gain trust, which can boost your power, or you can try to earn it all by yourself. Whatever suits you or your cartoon character.

As for choosing a cartoon character, you should think a bit on this. You can choose from your favorites, choose one that does possess great power, or just choose something for the hell of it! But he modest in your choice. Make sure it’s someone that won’t cause urges or anything.

When the challenge starts, I will compile a chart of those in the lead. I will also compete in this challenge, so you all better be careful of the Radio Demon!
Right, that’s another thing I forgot to mention. My cartoon character is Alastor, from Hazbin Hotel. He is cool and very powerful, so it’s perfect.

Good luck for your choosing process, and may the best toon win!


Good idea! Let me be Goku of Dragon Balls.

0 - 10 Little Goku
10 - 20 Adult Goku
20 - 30 Super Saiyan
30 - 40 Super Saiyan 2
40 - 50 Super Saiyan 3
50 - 60 Super Saiyan 4
60 - 70 Super Saiyan God
70 - 80 Super Saiyan Blue
80 - 90 Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken
90 - 100 Ultra Instinct Sign
100+ Perfect Ultra Instinct

I’m ready!!


I’ll change my icon according to the stage of transformation. I’m on Day 8 and so I’m Little Goku now. I’ll go all the way to the Perfect Ultra Instinct!


That’s fine by me. I would change my icon, but none of the pictures I chose would load. The screen would just sit there saying “processing”, but won’t do anything. :thinking:

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I like this idea very much! I hope I can participate. Let me think in a cartoon character first.

Of course man! Just think of a character and I can approve it for you!

We can choose a fictional character too right? Given people get offended when anime is termed as cartoon.

Well, anime is allowed, considering it’s drawn out in a different style. You can also choose a fictional character.
(Fictional means made up. Non-fiction is real life)

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Aght, imma try. A friendly competition.

I’ll go with Remy from Ratatouille.

He’s 3 days strong right now.
Maybe I’ll give him some armaments along the way.


Duuude, you totally understand this completely!! It doesn’t matter who you choose, because you can accomplish great things, whether your a Radio Demon, a Dragon Ball character, or a rat!


Lars Barriga entering the “Toon Much Power” Challenge :slight_smile:

Right now he is 11 eleven days strong, but he has a beautiful path ahead, according to his journey in Steven Universe. Soon I’ll think of a evolution like our Goku friend did above.

Thanks @WolfWarrior476 and all guys who joined this great challenge

You’re welcome man! I remember Lars from when I watched the show. That was SO long ago tho

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So my plan is to do in seven stages, from now 11 days untill 100 days.
The first one is:

I) Lars from Pilot

Angry and resentful (00 to 20 Days)

I’m looking foward to reaching 21 days, the next stage will be:

II) Big Donut Lars

Insecure Thoughness (21 to 30 Days)

Here starts our journey, at least from now to June 09th!!
Let’s not forget to ask for help and to keep strong, Toon Much Power! :facepunch:

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That’s right! You are taking this challenge amazingly!! I didn’t think about evolving your character, but with Alastor, I don’t really need to. Also, I agree, we should help others and ask for help when we need it. Let’s do this, and remember;
“You’re never completely dressed without a smile!”

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:triumph: I) Lars from Pilot - Angry and resentful (00 to 20 Days)

Random Check-in Day 07/20!
Random check-in from Lars from Pilot: Day 7! :triumph:

Just a correction, that day I thought I was on day 11, but I forgot I reset I did. It was day 6. So day 07 today, going smooth, keeping myself busy with lot of work, should be on gym and meditating, but it’s just too much work at these moments.

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I just thought of something that could make things more interesting and complicated. IF people want to, when you relapse, you will have to choose a different cartoon character! That would give you motivation not to Fap, cause then you would lose your character. Let me know how you feel about this


That’s a very interesting idea, for a lot of reasons. I’m on board!
Btw, I’ll adopt random check-ins, I feel better if I can check-in whenever I feel like or I need to.

And I support that. You don’t have to report everything everyday. Just enough to understand how you are doing.

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Man, I’m disappointed in myself. I just got my 30th day, and how do I revard myself? By a freaking relapse!!
It’s kind of sad thinking about it, but I want to go further, I want to do better.
Like I said, when someone relapses, they have to choose another character, so I choose…
Blitzo from Helluva Boss.

(I don’t know why I like these kind of characters, but I do)

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Bro you are strong to be clean for one month. Use sadness as your fuel, learn from lesson, pick yourself up and fight back, warrior! :fire: