(entries open)"Toon" Much Power; A cartoon challenge

Bro this might sound weird but I would be happy if you allow me.

May I make my own toon. And develop superpower with every progress ?


Well, I was only allowing cartoon character from shows and movies, but I’ll allow an exception. You can make your own if you want!

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Thanks I will make one soon !!

Also, new rule!
If you want to change your character, it has to be before you complete your first day! After your first day, you can’t change it until you relapse and you have to choose another.

I will name by Toon Rayansh - The Solar Plexus Chakra Manipulator.



Health - 20
Strength - 5
Armor - 5
Intelligence - 5
Willpower - 5
Speed - 5
Block Chance - 0 %
Dodge Chance - 0 %
Damage reduction from block - 0 %
Crit Chance - 0 %




Level Move Description Power Ability Energy Required
0 Basic Punch The user attacks the foe with a basic punch. No added effects 40 None



Buffs after Each Level

Level 0 - Learnt Basic Punch

Level Criteria

The toon gets to new level when we get a new badge in Rewire app.


(Clears throat) that might be one of the most detailed entries I have EVER seen here!


You know, I realized it’s not fair to have @The_Rising_One make his own awesome character. So I am allowing the use of your own character. It can be an OC, an AU character you made, or just something you think of!


Hello ! Anyone home?
It seems empty here…

Yeah, it’s empty here…

Not quite.)
I’ve relapsed a lot between Friday last week and this Tuesday and… It would take me a lot of characters to go through with each one. Was too stressed out to amass some integrity to.
I’m now trying to not count, so I’ll have to pull out of the challenge. Sorry.
Was a cool idea, just didn’t quite stop me.

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I had the same problem that @Parolidon reported, I also relapsed a lot. Too much work and anxiety, and too little self-control. I was going fine this year, but march was a bad month.

I am still in the challenge, I would like to take a few hours now to think another character.

Thanks @WolfWarrior476 for being here. How are you doing, warrior?

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Alright. Just going through (almost) adult life. Currently taking care of my little bro. Hope you guys are doing good and will succeed soon! :+1::pray:

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Nice to hear that, man. Is he a good kid or a handful? Anyway, we always learn whean taking care of family. Thanks for the support!

Today is my first new day and I chose Nando, a character from Quarup, a book from here, Brasil.
He begins his journey as a priest, and I will change my status each 10 days, according to his path in the book. I will try to check in here more often, though.

:skull: I) Nando in the Skeletons Crypt - Struggling to find peace (00 to 10 Days)

Check-in Day 01/10!

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Currently, Blitz is on day 11. Struggling a bit, honestly, but by HELL he is going to make it!!

:skull: I) Nando in the Skeletons Crypt - Struggling to find peace (00 to 10 Days)
Checking-in Day 02/10!

This is the beggining of day 02. I feel ok, I got a new deadline at work and I feel motivated to get to it. I will also try to finish early today so I can go to the gym.

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:skull: I) Nando in the Skeletons Crypt - Struggling to find peace (00 to 10 Days)

Entering day 03 of 10. Clean! I manage to work well yesterday, but didn’t make it to the gym. I will make up for it later.


Hope y’all are staying strong! Best of luck through your day! :pray:

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I am! Very focused on work and happy these days. Thanks man, have a nice weekend!

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Yeah you too!

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Hoping all of my brothers are doing well and successful in life!:grin: