Ego in Nofap ? How it will Destroy You

I also realised and saw many times - People who achieved biggest number always get into the same trap again (PMO) because of their ego.

After achieving more than 30 days we start realising benefits and our ego level is start increasing by the thinking:-
I am on day this or that,
I am not watching Porn,
Laughing at others who are hardly addicted to PMO,
Don’t worry these images and videos can’t get me in this addiction again,
I am Totally FREE from PMO etc

Mind started consuming little content because of Ego and at some point we get a very hard trigger that we can’t escape from.

The end result - Relapse

Always be grateful to God - Always thank you God for helping. Don’t say i am doing this or that just say because of his grace - I am blessed.

I understand this thing because ego was the biggest reason. Understand this point clearly because the main reason of relapse is Ego.

Be humble always.

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Nofap Chellenger App

I created the Nofap Chellenger app where you can daily check in and it is open to everyone. People with the high streak will remain on the top of the App.

Just a Initiative - If you are interested and serious about nofap journey - Be on the top by participating.

Copy the link and paste in your external browser to download the App because by just clicking here you can’t download.

Will see you in app


Here Are Some Screenshots of Nofap Chellenger App - Copy the link above and paste in your external chrome browser to download the app.

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First of all Thank You So much @Samaranjay for Participating in this App - I am very glad lot of Participants are joining.

Will glad if you would encourage other participants to join.

Thanks in Advance :blush:

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: yeah the app seems good, full of RC members :joy:

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hahaha - Will see more Participants

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App is under review @Samaranjay

Soon will shown on the Play Store by the name Nofap Chellenger

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i think it is showing the splash screen by the name scoreboard and a lady is meditating in initial loading?

BUt on the playstore there is new version with different logo and splash screen.

Will let you know @Samaranjay when app got published on Google play store

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