EasyPeasy Method : Instructions and Affirmations

For the benefit of all in the community and for ready reference

EasyPeasy Hackbook Instructions and Affirmation :-

If you follow these instructions, you cannot fail:

  1. Make a solemn vow that you’ll never, ever, go online to visit your harem OR settle for static pictures OR make peace with erotic graphics OR anything that contains supernormal stimuli, and stick to your vow.
  2. Get this clear in your mind: There’s absolutely nothing to give up. By that, it isn’t meant that you will be better off as a non-PMOer (you’ve known this all along); nor that although there is no rational reason why you PMO, you get some pleasure or crutch from it, since otherwise you wouldn’t do it. What’s meant is there’s no genuine pleasure or crutch in PMOing. It’s just an illusion, like banging your head against a wall to get pleasure when you stop.
  3. There’s no such thing as a confirmed PMOer. You’re just one of the hundreds of millions who’ve fallen for the subtle trap. Like the millions of other ex-PMOers who once thought they couldn’t escape, you’ve escaped.
  4. If at any time in your life you were to weigh up the pros and cons of PMOing, the overwhelming conclusion would always be “Stop doing it. You’re a fool!” Nothing will ever change that. It’s always been that way and always will be. Having made what you know to be the correct decision, don’t ever torture yourself by doubting. Pascal’s Wager perfectly applies to PMO, with no chance of loss, high chances of gains, and high chances of avoiding losses.
  5. Don’t try not to think about porn, or worry that you’re thinking about it constantly. Whenever you do think about it, whether today, tomorrow, or the rest of your life, think “YIPPEE! I’M A NON-PMOer!”
  6. Do not use any form of substitute. Do not keep your laptop next to you while you sleep. Do not avoid plays, movies or magazines. Do not change your lifestyle in any way purely because you’ve stopped. If you follow the above instructions, you’ll soon experience the ‘moment of revelation’, but:
  7. Don’t wait for the ‘moment of revelation’ to come. Just get on with your life, enjoying the highs and coping with the lows. You’ll find in no time at all the moment will arrive.
    The Instructions
  8. Follow all instructions.
  9. Keep an open mind.
  10. Start with a feeling of elation.
  11. Ignore all advice and influence that conflicts with EasyPeasy.
  12. Resist any promise of a temporary fix.
  13. Get it clear in your mind: Porn provides no genuine pleasure or crutch and you aren’t making a sacrifice. There’s nothing to give up and no reason to feel deprived.
  14. Don’t wait to quit, do it now!
  15. Make a decision never to watch again and never question it.
  16. Remember there is no such thing as just one peek.
  17. Never watch porn again.

• I’m free from the slavery of porn.
• It’s easy to ignore my thoughts about porn.
• Bye bye thoughts, bye bye urges. Oh, there goes my cravings.
• I focus my subconscious mind to overcome porn addiction.
• Porn steals my time, energy and vitality.
• Beating porn gets exponentially easier day by day and in every aspect.
• I enjoy and value my porn-free, strong, happy, light and easy lifestyle.
• If I look back and think about my progress, it gives me great joy and pride in myself.
• Every time I see other porn users I get more motivated to see myself break that chain.
• All that pent up energy is healing my body and mind. Then, I can do more productive and challenging work towards my values and goals.
• My brain is getting back in correct shape, getting exercised by me not doing what I was previously doing.
• Now all that pent up willpower is being utilised to handle lightweight stresses and strains of life.
• Great, I’m free and no longer a slave!