Easy mode that bad?

Hey, guys.

So, I’m a christian guy who plan to only have sex after marriage. I’ve been trying nofap for a while now, and I keep relapsing, but I can see progress (my last streak was 23 days).

Having in mind that I want to have sex only after getting married, is doing Easy Mode (fap without porn) that bad? If I stop watching porn, will there be any benefits, or is infinitely better to do Hard Mode (nofap and no porn)?

I plan to get married and then I think the fap problem will go away, because sex will be present in my life.

What do you think?


There is nothing easy when it comes to Nofap. Easy Mode is not going to do you any good. Every man visualizes pornographic images in his head while he’s masterbating, because he need something to masterbate to. So in reality, you haven’t taken the porn out of the equation because your mind is dwelling on it while masterbating. Plus, you’re wasting your semen and losing testosterone.

If you really want a successful marriage and enjoy intimacy with your wife, you need to get with the program. If you go Easy Mode, you’re going to end up masterbating after you get married. Plus, the sex won’t be that pleasurable because of you masterbating. Masterbation kills intimacy and trust with your wife. Don’t be a fool. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

Stay Focused, Stay Clean, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy :v:

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Definitely no masterbation ,no porn and no sex for the time being will definitely bring clearity to your vision of further goals not only regarding marriage but other aspects of life


But it seems so hard without sex… Don’t know… maybe it’s an excuse

Take a cold shower if your urges are overwhelming. Meditate on the negative effects of masterbation. Be productive while on Nofap. Find new hobbies. Eat healthy and workout.


Hey bro,
I am muslim and i am facing the same problems. I will not have sex until marriage, and i am fighting pmo.
As the other fighters mentioned, easy mode won’t lead you to the point of clear mind and healthy body. You will struggle alot.
The point i want to raise is that being celibate and on nopmo is hard and you are 100% right, but there is a lot of things that will bring you happiness way more than they can. Personally, i have found out that using my sexual energy in my hobbies as very beneficial in this journey. Believe me bro, accomplishing a goal that you have been postponing for years, will bring you happiness you have never felt. Start a good diet, workout, social work, football… invest all you energy in any field you like.
Second, we always have a fear about what will happen if we stop fapping. We think that we will face a lot of struggles and symptoms that we can’t handle at the time. I always had this thought. I am a medical student and i always have exams. I was always afraid of continuing nofap because i thought i will face huge problems that will affect my grades. Now that i am in my 65th day and having exams, i can see that my grades are going up and i am able to study way more.
Finally, i always thought that marriage kills pmo. However, after joining this community and reading several posts, i have found out that pmo kills marriage. A lot of people in this app are trying to get rid of pmo because it has ruined their marriages.
Hence, i urge you start from today hard mode and get rid of this addiction.
The easypeasy book will help you a lot in this journey, give it a try.


Thanks, guys. You helped a lot. I’ll continue hard mode and try everytime to improve.


Be the Best Version of Yourself! :v::+1::muscle:

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100% bad . Fapping is bad . without porn or with porn.


I’m a Christian guy saving sex for marriage too.
We discussed masturbating and nofap on this thread here:

The Bible encourages us to practice self-control, that’s one of the reasons why we don’t masturbate.

Biologically speaking, there’s no problem if you masturbate. Studies ( I can link them if needed) found that masturbating at intervals aids sperm count. However, Spiritually speaking, it’s not advisable- don’t worry, God won’t let your sperm count decrease just because you practice self control.


Its totally upto you bro… Yes, stopping porn alone is the next best thing. I prefer to quit both, although its hard but it helps in a lot of ways. If you decide, to stop only the porn, atleast make sure you dont masturbate daily. May be once in week or longer? The moment it goes out of hand, please quit.

Also if you quit both, I do believe you can transfer that energy to the other activities that are positive.


Yeah, I do think hard mode is way better, because if I only masturbate, I’ll continue to fantasize and that’s almost the same.

Let’s see, I’ll stick to hard mode in this occasion.

Thank you!