Does watching P count as a relapse?

If this is true, then I should reset.

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The day of September started, so no PMO.

This thread answers your question very thoroughly:


Nice. I didn’t know that the three Models had names. In this situation I’m somehow on the Standard Model

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In my case I would count as Relapse if I watch porn with the purpose of masturbating (PMO).

If I accidentally fall upon any porn video left over on my computer or sent by a friend I don’t consider as a relapse.

But it’s personal and depends a lot on your purpose and aims on NoFap

It’s not a relapse but a reason of relapse,indirectly it’s a relapse, i am saying this because you will be thinking those p scenes , which will lead to your relapse. This happened with me and many other people on nf, in :tiger2: bhai once relapsed from 70+ days, cause he watched erotic scenes in a web series. So it’s better to avoid those scenes, cause you won’t be able to focus, you will be frustrated and at last you will relapse.

Say no to P*rn

Without a question, watching pornography is a relapse.

@keepFighting shared the different modes. Watching pornography is a relapse even on easy mode.

Pornography is a drug addiction. The only way to escape from a drug addiction is permanent abstinence. We cannot escape from it by reducing our consumption or scheduling our usage of it, or making compromises like - I’ll watch it but I won’t masturbate. News flash, the pornographers created the videos in order for you to masturbate. This isn’t the Avengers or Fast and Furious 9, it’s not a movie for us to watch with popcorn and a soda. The entire purpose of the video’s creation is to get its audience to do something you’ve told yourself hundreds of times you don’t want to do anymore. So yes, it is a relapse.


The beautiful thing is that pornography provides us zero benefit and we gain nothing from engaging in it. All urges are simply cravings caused by a drop in dopamine levels since the last PMO session. We didn’t need pornography to live happy, fulfilling lives before we discovered it, it doesn’t help us achieve that while we’re addicted, and we certainly won’t need it once we’ve escaped the addiction for good. Watching pornography is an endless black hole, a chain of addiction that lasts a lifetime unless we decide to say NO and stop peeking.

Your name is Vortexkicker brother. You’re looking for a much better life than relapsing every 3 days. There is no universal law that says the sky is blue and trees exhale oxygen and Vortexkicker must relapse before passing a week of abstinence. All that has happened is that we get into the habit during addiction of relieving these dopamine cravings at specific times, and the body starts suggesting the action more and more as time goes on without doing it. With the right frame of mind, we can recognise that, and find it easy to bypass those cravings and move forward towards living the life we truly want to live. This is all laid out in the Easy Peasy book which I highly recommend you read. You can find it at

Life is so much better when we commit to permanent abstinence from drugs. Don’t hold yourself back from greatness.


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