Modes such as hard, monk etc

Hello everyone,

I am new here and I see modes such as hard, monk etc. What is the difference between the modes?


Basically there is 4 way you can do NoFap, every one of them has a pro and a contra side:

Easy Mode: when you shut out porn, and still masturbate and orgasm. Porn being a major problem is gone, your brain starts to rewire itself. This is the slowest process.

Standard mode: when you get rid of porn and masturbation but you still oragsm. Usally people who have a partner or wife/husband they live active sexual life with choose this.

Hard mode: when you abstain from porn, masturbation and orgasm all together. This is the fastest way for your brain to heal itself (giving that you stay away from all the stimulation)

Monk mode: as far as i know its hard mode with some extras like stay away from social media and intensively mediate.

I think you have to decide which one is the best for your personal settings/ goals. There is a very good guide for porn addiction/ recovery, you can download it from free.
One thing is certain: you have to actively participate at your own recovery. Don’t wait for miracles or super powers. Make them happen/ gain them with new habits/hobbies. Hope this helped. May you have success in the days to come :raised_hand::fist::+1:


Thanks a lot for the detailed answer and the right path! It was an enlightening for me

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That’s pretty much right on the mark, that answer, and a useful reference.

I have also seen what you call “standard mode” being referred to as “soft mode” around these parts, but that’s a somewhat confusing term as it may be taken to mean the same thing as “easy mode” as well.

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Well I’m doing the standard mode (NO PM) and trust me its not easy haha :grinning: all jokes aside i really think you have to experience which one is working for you. And as i said there’s a pro and a contra side to everyone of them.
I can only speak about the standard mode from experience: in that case the pro is that you can live active sexual life with a partner, but you have to fight the chaser effect (an intense sexual hunger after an orgasm) and the rebooting is slower.
Different strokes for different folks i guess.

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