Does NoFap affect your speech? Science says it's possible

It seems like low dopamine levels can cause your voice to be monotone and robotic and your speech might become disregulated. I found out this:

“A person with deficient dopamine may have disorganized speech and/or may not be able to properly speak. Some people with low dopamine may speak infrequently, babble, or make sounds rather than elocute words properly.”

This is exactly what I’ve experienced on every streak: my articulation will get much better and my stutter will stop. It only works on a streak. I think the reduced SA might not come first but only after noticing that you will be able to speak smoothly in every situation.

Source: Reddit

Sometime I can’t speak some words properly and that kills me. I hope abstention (No PMO) will help me. Does anyone have some experience with this problem?


When i relapsed 4times in a day a month ago next day i found hard to utter

Wow I asked this same question pretty much!

Thanks for sharing! Dopamine is being suppressed by constant prolactin release from orgasm which I believe is the culprit of a host of temporary cognitive deficits I’ve been experiencing. It felt like my IQ dropped many points and I had trouble speaking and recalling words to articulate thought. This is all gone in a 3-4 days of nofap thankfully otherwise I would not know what to do with my life l.