Does excessive PMO cause ADHD brain fog?

I noticed if I fap excessively I have a lingering brain fog the next day where I am cognitively slower and struggle with articulating (speaking) what I am thinking, like I will pause trying to remember a train of thought or a specific word I can’t remember.

This feels like ADHD however, if I do nofap for a week, I can speak effortlessly and very articulately without pausing. Is this cause my dopamine is not depleted from PMO and prolactin blocking the dopamine?

PMO seriously is retarding my brain for over 20 years of constant fapping as a kid, I thought I was just slower than everyone else and blamed myself. Porn should really be classified as a drug like alcohol. Thoughts?


I have ADHD, and have seen the condition get worse when I fap. I think it’s the hormones and stuff getting us excited and all, and taking us to a place where we can’t think straight. It had messed up my attentiveness during classes.

So I think it does, saying from experience.


I read a book long time ago where it was said by the author that the reproductive organ and the brain are competitors for the same nutrients produced/absorbed by the body. The body can give those nutrients to only one of those organs at the expense of the other. The book was rather esoteric than scientific. But really, excessive sex SPECIALLY PMO destroys the body at every level- the nervous system get exhausted, the eyes get tired, body loses many vital minerals and it simply poisons the brain chemistry. I used to be a bright student with good memory and so on. PMO has severely affected my cognitive abilities which is also shiwn in my academic performances.


Wow!! This was informative!!! Thanks!!!

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I agree with @acarnegie743. Pornography poisons your mind. If you are successful in not watching it I’m sure you have much less brain fog and it’s effects. Pornography can’t be good for ADHD or any other mental diseases.


I’m not sure the tiredness is related to the hormones you mentioned specifically.Sleepiness following ejaculation is quite well established and it’s easy to lookup the brain chemistry behind that.One thing to consider about more long term tiredness and pmo is that porn addicts tend to engage in their habit late at night despite needing to be up early the next day.So much of the early nofap benefits can likely be attributed to recovery from sleep deprivation.

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