Does being young change anything for nofap?

NoFap is something people start when there at there adulthood but some people realized the addiction early.

One of those people are me im 14 and started fapping at the age of 7 I feel like between older people and younger people theres a big differance to Nofap. I heard instead of the recovery date being 90 days for young people its 30 Is this true? I also hear its harder for younger people to be on Nofap and that one day is like 10 days fir an adult. Which
Im not sure if that is true so can anyone confirm or deny these statements?


Hey @Agent897
As much as I know…
It depends on how much deep your addiction is…!!

So, please don’t decide recovery time by these myths you heard. when you start nofap you may understand it’s a habit which we are replacing it with another.
Your determination and consistency will tells everything…

Happy to hear that you recognize this problem earlier…
If you have anymore doubts clear it here. …so, that this journey(of nofap) will be easier to you.


Nofap is hard… No matter what age… But indeed its harder for young people… Very few young people have the self discipline to stay away once they are addicted… Also if u find are disciplined you will be even stronger in adulthood… Personally I started fapping when I was 24 now. It is indeed easier, now that im not a teenager anymore… But as i told you even young people can do it… Self discipline is the key


Read easypeasy method.

U can search in this forum.

It holds the the key for recovery brother.

Go ahead and grab the key.

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