Current streak - 11 days
Ultimate goal- No PM for rest of the life and O: (I allow S** with soulfulness :smile:… it is a beautiful thing)
Highest streak - 12 days
Age - 24 years
Gender - M
Location - INDIA
Status - Single
Sharing code- 2wrhba
challenges interested in- weekly challenge

Thank you brother @selfconqurer for creating this thread… I appreciate your efforts.


Current streak: 41 days
Target streak: Infinity
Highest streak: 45 days
Age: 22 years
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Location: India :india:
Sharing code: pfxjly

I am in. Interested for all the challenges. Thank you @selfconqurer for all your effort!


Current Streak. 17-18 hours
Ultimate goal Brahmachari for life.
Highest Streak 18 days(not on app)
Age 16 years
Gender M
Location India
Status Single
Sharing code 95g30t
Challenges interested in Each and every challenge

I appreciate your effort brother. @selfconqurer. Do you watch anime? I asked bcoz of “Demon Slayer”


We can understand your pain brother @Aoshigreen
Pmo has made the wise man inside us dead… We are like a zombie, doing things mindleslly, there are a lot of things we can enjoy but due to this addiction we can never be happy…
We will help each other to get out of this trap, we will change…
This is a request to all my brothers, if anyone has urges or feel you gonna relapse today or in few hours, please report here…
Everyone will surely help, we can share our experience, knowledge and wisdom so that we can beat this demon…
And I believe we all will come out with a much stronger will, self control and determination and as a new person…
All the best brothers… :+1::+1::muscle::muscle::dart:


Yes, brother @Sans i watch some anime like dragonball and naruto, but I took “” Demon slayer"" Term as an inspiration from DOOM game series… Specifically from “” DOOM Eternal""


Yes, sure. I’m in
Current streak: 113 days
Highest streak: 113 days
Gender: Male
Country: Israel
Status: single
Age: 16
Sharing code: r2zd6p


@comingclean here challenges are starting


Thanks for the invite buddy!

Current streak - 62 days
Target / ULTIMATE Goal to achieve- To make Nofap a lifestyle!
Highest streak - 103 days
Age - 21 years
Gender - M
Location - :india:
Status - Single
Sharing code- xatx66
Challenge / challenges interested in- All


Current streak - 04 days
Target /ULTIMATE Goal to achieve- 150 days
Highest streak - 27 days
Age - 16 years
Gender - M
Location Costa Rica
Status - Single
Sharing code- 82kcc6
Challenge / challenges interested in- All fourth of them
(I’ll make sure to uptade this every day to have public accountability!)


I’ am ready man
Code : v7usg6

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I’m in.Do add My sharing code is daaf29.


Current streak-17 days
Target: infinite
Highest streak - 70 days
Gender- M
Location : india
Status: single
Sharing code:e2c1cg
I appreciate your work ,brother…And thanks for involving me in this purposeful [email protected]

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One week challenge has started, all the best everyone… Hope we all complete the challenge and also be productive in doing important things in our life as well!
I believe everyone that has joined the challenge, will stand till the end
If anyone gets any sort of urge, please do come and share your feelings in the group, do not be alone, share your thoughts or else it will lead to relapse… Just share, someone will surely help you out… :+1::+1:

:dagger:Let glory be ours
:dagger:we are masters, not slaves
:sunny:DAY 1/7
:dagger:we are gonna kill this demon of porn and masturbation
:dagger::trophy::confetti_ball:we won’t lose :muscle::muscle::+1::+1::dagger:

Porn is nothing but an illusion


Thanks for inviting

Current streak - 0 days
Target 150 days of NOFAP
Highest streak - 33 days
Age - 18
Gender - Male
Location- India
Status- Single
Sharing code- I don’t have app installed. I will let you know when I relapse.

Challenge- All challenges


  1. I want to start NOFAP because I realised that there is a beautiful exciting and amazing world outside the comfortable delusional world of porn.
    The time I spend in PMO can be utilised in a better way to develop skills. Moreover I Want to face reality, accept it and improve myself instead of escaping it .

  2. Well I have transformed into a failure. I no more like doing hard things, nor I can sit and study for long hours. I always wanted to be in a relationship but who will stay with such a useless guy. Isn’t it obvious?

  3. I want to live a life worth living. I want to be efficient. Give my best. PLUS ULTRA. and not waste any more of my life.

  4. Well, I want to live a routine life. I want to go beyond my limit each day to make it better than the previous day. There is no more joy than living a disciplined life.

  5. The ultimate reason- I want to be a legend.

And 1 thing I know and I do believe is that just by doing NOFAP, I can’t succeed. NOFAP is just one part of the many steps that I must take to achieve my GOAL.


Thanks @selfconqurer
Current & Highest Streak = 337 Days
Age = 22 years
Gender = Male
Location = India
Status = Single
I’m in ! Let’s do it together :muscle::muscle:


Starting from Day 0
Very much excited to see this journey through!
Thanks for creating this challenge @selfconqurer

Wishing all companions success :fist:


:white_check_mark:Day 1 complete
:sunny:Day 2/7


Current streak - 20 days
Target /ULTIMATE Goal to achieve- 100 days
Highest streak - 20 days
Age - 22 years
Gender - Female
Location - United States
Status - Complicated
Sharing code- cal233
Challenge / challenges interested in- All Accepted


Current streak - 44
Target /ULTIMATE Goal to achieve- 90+
Highest streak - 44
Age - 21 years
Gender -male
Location -india
Status - Single
Sharing code- hy2c5r
Challenge / challenges interested in- all accepted


Each day in my fight against my addictions: I write a diary. I read. I exercise. what has everyone else been doing to stay busy?