🔱 Deadly December.... Stay focused


This 2020 has been tough time to of us and knocked is down. It is not about how hard you got hit but how hard you can get hit and keeping moving forward …

Let us give this 2020 a death blow but abstinence and self improvement…


All my brother’s who had relapsed and believing that they cannot achieve it welcome…
APJ Abdul Kalam said once if u want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far then go together…
I invite you guys to join me in this journey till dec 31 2020 and we shall party our success on 01-01-2020…

The purpose of this group is to motivate each other to reach peaks of our lives which we thought impossible to climb.

Come on let’s mark our flag and hoist our success in the beginning of new year 2021 …


The three trident guidelines

  1. Fix a goal which you want to have by 2021 Jan 1St …
    Break down and plan what you have to do daily to achive it , ( the time & energy we save by nofap will be used for self development ) ex - my goal is to finish upsc syallabus by Jan 1 2021.

  2. Everyday we shall write a single line here. How was our day, percentage of our progress towards our goal. No of times we got arosed to see porn or pmo.
    Ex of one liner we will write "day- 4- goal 3% - urges - 2 . Rating - 8 "
    Explanation - day - your day of no fap
    Goal- % of progress to ur goal of 2021, like if study 3 chapters of my syallabus I write 3 %
    Urges - no. Of times u got urge,
    Rating - self evaluation you will give 10 only when you had zero urges and achieved your daily goal

3 . Task mashup . Nailed it !
When ever you get urge, you must post here ssaying task mashup
Some one from the forum immediately shall give you a mini challenge which you must accept and post it after finishing it … nailed it !
( If should min take up one task and more based on your urge.
Task. Challenge can be like below examples.

  1. Do 10 pushups / 20 crunches
  2. Write down 21 times imposition , ism strong I wiil pass it or any text wrtteb imposition and post it
  3. Cold shower, cooking , skipping 5 mins
  4. Meditate, call 3 old frns etc etc

Starting from me my goal is to finish Upsc syallabus by 2021 Jan 1
Today one liner
Rohan : day-0, goal 2%, urges 3, rating 6


Good idea brother…

You have included all…nofap…urge solution… productivity…

A complete healthy lifestyle…
I’m in


I’M in brother, but how do I do it???

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Read above messages, fix a goal for 2021 Jan first and post here rest we shall discuss … ! @Leo6

Yeah bro. I am in. Will post few hours later.

I am starting this challenge from today and my goal is to complete my first draft of movue script on book jhootan


@salutesachin all the best bro when ever you feel an urge post here give me a task !!

I am in, my goal is to wakeup early, start running and be more flexible.


@Prabhjot0102 welcome and all the best

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Hi im new in here my last streak is 9 days and iam relapes 3 time iam so dumb and shit now im in days 3 can help me for some tips and trick for no relapse again pls…


When ever you get urge to pmo post here we will give a you to do challenge dare and do it

Goal - Completing my masters in cs

day-0, goal - 30%, urges - 2, ratng - 4

I will write my weekly or monthly goal from now on.

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Day-0 , goal -0.5 %, urges -3 rating 3
Bad day lot of work :unamused:

@anon65589122 my task for you is tomorrow when you get urge second time take a plain paper. And write " I am much stronger and I am going to make it "
Write this lines 9 times and take a pic of it and upload here … Trust me it looks silly but it really works ! Feel it when you write…


Good morning group new day new energy let’s get one step closer to our purpose !



Day -1 goal 2% urges -2 rating -5

Some body give me a task challenge for tomorrow when I get an urge !

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Bro I was outside today for complete day for some work. So almost no urge today. I will complete the task tomorrow.

@rohankians Your task is to do 20 push up every time you get the urge tomorrow and update it here after doing the pushups.