🔱 Deadly December.... Stay focused

Sorry guys, I relapsed last night because the urges were so hard and I made an excuse that I will masturbate but won’t ejaculate but all in vain :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

@anon64044560 don’t worry bro… Even I feel ashamed I was doing so well even my morning boner returned and I relapased.
We can’t go past and undo what’s done, we should move forward and do better than last time, it’s all in our head

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Brother I want in.
I read about this community and want to be part of it.

@WinnerAttitude buddy from today write your daily update as the format in my next post more details I wrote in top three posts of the forum, all the best , you can give tasks and accept tasks to manage urges, tasks can be towards goals as well

From tomorrow onwars I’ll start meditating.

Day - 7 Goal - 0% Urges - 6 Rating -

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Day - 2 goal 5%, urges - 1 or 2 Solution- kept working, studying even when there was less focus. rating - 5


@raushan I did your task given to me 20 pudp ups when I had a urge in the evening ! Thank you

Really ashamed in front of all you guys that I had a relapse with a girl morning :pensive::pensive:
Behind the one who started this forum I take a vow till 2021 1st Jan I will maintain complete abstinence…!

Day 0- weekly goal - 60% - urges 2 rating -(-10)
Managed urges by task given to me by @raushan


BTW, how do you do the rating??

Rating - self evaluation you will give 10 only when you had zero urges and achieved your daily goal
No of urges do -1 from 10 , and so forth with the daily goal,


Day 1
Urges - 7, Goal - 0.72% , Rating - 3

I ended up on a porn website and It was so hard for me to control myself but somehow I made it and I started watching a thriller movie which saved my life😍

I am strong
I am strong
I am strong

I am strong
I am strong
I am strong

I wanna fight this addiction

And I’m gonna win

I wanna leave all this PMO shit behind

Cause I want to be the best version of myself :volcano:

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@anon64044560 good job

We will fight this addiction…

We just need to keep on fighting with out giving up !

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I’m out, I’m not in this group anymore, I’m not gonna reply, Oh my God, what do I do man I just relapsed again, fuck me :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Buddy it’s okay ! You need not take so much of pressure on your head…
We are here to give up the habit… It will break us, but we will again get ready and fight back
@anon64044560 Thomas Alva Edison tried 10,000 times to invent a light bulb are you not willing to try atleast 1000 times to win over this addiction…
Nobody makes a cake walk and win a tittle without failing atleast 100 times.

It okay get a reset and start over, remember whenever you get a urge grab your mobile and post a note here, I will reply … Let’s fight this … We got only one life… we dint want to waste it chasing false meaning less things


Thanks, bro I’m gonna give it a few more tries

Thanks for helping and motivating me

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Never give up. Just try better.


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