(Day 12) Probably just a phase.....FUCK THE FLATLINE

Currently at work as I write this, my emotions got the best of me yesterday when this girl sat next me and my urges was mad elevated but as of today and now “I feel normal”, a bit more chill, I mean in that moment when my dick went rock solid my mind was when my personal preference, emotions and strength went in to automatic submission , every guy here should know what I’m talking about it’s even bad when it’s AT WORK!.

I still agree with what I said yesterday in that moment in time even though it was pretty crazy because my body is still rebooting, my male testosterone had me very deluded yesterday and a bit ego driven because of all this core energy inside of me and when that core energy gets mixed up with a huge horny urges that’s a lethal combination and it’s a challenge to keep my feelings intact but I got through it and I currently speak to you guys here on Day 12.

I still feel the energy inside of me today but it feels more calm and I feel a bit more humbled and thankful I made it through another day, as they say my future self will laugh at this post I will find my best version of myself I will fulfil my 100 days and continue this streak! I know I’ll have my amazing days and my off days but that’s just life abd I will tackle it…

Let’s start with today was a major fail I made a soundcard fall off of some stage deck all because my co technician told me to move a duty ladder on this awkward fucking platform!!!.. (and the worst thing is I could’ve tell my co technician to stop it from falling or to move the soundcard), again my ego plays me!!

I tried to take another power nap today on my break at work as I got up walking one of my co employees asked for a measuring tape and holy Fuck me again it was directly on my left hand side!!! the annoying thing is I saw it earlier in the workshop and I could’ve react a lot more quicker when he told me! and there’s me telling myself "It’s only Day 12, you shouldn’t be even be counting remember? and yet you’ve come so far but you still have a long way to go) it’s like I correct myself with one thing, inprove on it while a huge boulder hits me out of nowhere again!

But am I going to relapse just because?! NO!!! No! No! No! the creator of the universe is testing
me, that’s the most important test before anyone else “tests me”.

I’m gonna keep rising and grinding, bussing all these demonic nuts is a big excuse to failure fuck that! I’m developing a positive frequency! guys never give in to failure because it equals to any negative addiction which becones contagious don’t let the demons and negative people purposely make you fall in that trap! now as I reach to the last paragraph guys, I’m about to leave work to continue and finish my Day LET’S GO!!!


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