Day 1 - first attempt. Tips?

As the title says its my first time trying this as before I always dismissed it as a useless form of attack against my addiction despite not knowing much about it.

My addiction is (possibly) worse than the majority of people’s on here as I not only have an addiction to masturbating but also an addiction to paying for online sexual content to “enhance” the experience so it’s very destructive to me financially as well.

What advice would you give to a newbie like me?
I really struggle to stop myself and I fail to about 100% of the time due to that altered mindset when I’m horny and I’m honestly losing the will to live. What do you do to stop yourself in those types of situations?

Any advice is really appreciated :slight_smile:


You need something to fight for.
Beating you addiction isn’t enough. You have to know what you want to do, so when the urge comes, you’ll remember that is not all about no fapping but you need nofap for your succes.


Please could you elaborate on that. Isn’t beating the addiction something to fight for in itself?

Be patient, don’t give up, the light will come if you keep trying.

When the negative thoughts starts flowing, when the urge begins, stop for a moment, sit on chair and do breathing exercise.

Take deep breath and then slowly breath outward like you were blowing a ballon. During the exercise focus on your breathing and how your chest, lungs or stomach cooperate. Repeat until you will feel relaxed and the urge is gone.

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To give some elaboration to what @miguelangel.povedasanchez said, and this is most certainly directed at myself too;

What’s missing from life?

What would you like to do for fun?
What’s your relationship with friends like?
Who are your friends? Do you have any?

What’s your hygenie, and dress sense like?
Do you take pride in these?

Can you cook? And for others?

Do you play music? Draw? Write?
Speak other languages?
How do you use them?
Do you share them with the world?
Or within a community of people?

Do you exercise?
Do you set new goals?

What do you already do, that you could push further?

When was the last time you spent money on yourself?
Clothes, shoes, cologne, a new haircut?

When was the last time you spent
time and/or money on someone else,
without seeking reward?

Have you ever been a volunteer?
Gone to a religious institution that helps the poor, offered your service?

What do we do to take some pride in

Are we overweight? Underweight? Unfit?
Have bad posture? Bad skin?
These ARE things we can do about these.

Small steps, and we can/will get there.

It’s not about having unrealistic expectations,
but going from where we are already at.

When was the last time you went on holiday?Have you ever been to Greece and enjoyed the company of the wonderful locals?

What was that thing you used to do when you were younger?

What silly excuses do we make to stop ourselves?
We have nothing to fear except fear itself.

I want to write wonderful music for the Psalms (biblical poetry) and have all the various religious musicians perform it.
I know my friends and priests would be more than happy for it, it’s only myself, my extremely high expectations of myself and it not being perfect that stop me.

I’m regularly doing Tai Chi these days, though I could practice at home more often.
I go to the gym, but only once a fortnight /a week if I’m motivated - though all it takes is saying “Yes, enough excuse, Let’s just go”
I could do a lot more, and use all that
life-creating, man-essense for so much more. Creating a healthier body and good complexion.

I’m not bad looking, tall and thin.
Note* a lot of real women prefer a Dad-body (nothing wrong with extra weight or being hairy)

But we can do a lot more to honour ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our life, where we are right now.

Nothing is sexier than a person who makes the effort! End of story.

We should ALWAYS be giving ourselves a pat on the back, and a slap on the arse,
saying “You, Yes You, are damn fine!
Well done for that little cool thing you did”

Nobody here is a Nihilist.
NoFappers are a gift to the world.

We are taking a stand, and saying
“No! Fuck this bullshit, I want good things to happen, and not just for myself, but for all those other fine-sexy NoFappers who know the struggle”

Peace and Good will to you always :+1:


Thank you for this tip! I definitely feel like this is something that could help me :slight_smile:

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When you sit try to relax and keep the spine straight, long and strong and soft front.

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Thank you that was very well put! This is something that would be great for me to think about as there is alot of personal things in my life that could be drastically improved by channeling that energy in a different direction.
Thank you for taking the time to type that out :slight_smile:


Thank you for this! Definitely worth saving.

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Preach, son, you done said it! Whew!

Every item on this list hits home. It’s the most comprehensive thing ever. I’m so impressed. Thank you @Aoshigreen. :hugs:
May I totally use it to track my own scene?


@Natalia - Please do. Thank you very much :pray:

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Please excuse my unsexy comment @Natalia :joy:

The same old story - can preach to others but not self.
Right - off to the gym :+1::wink:

As you are new bie in nofap commuinty I will suggest you to saty away from any content which will trigger you to watch porn As I know You will defenetly try to stay away from Pornography content but I am talking about normal things which are not porn but will trigger you to watch Porn
for example: I like khabib & downloaded one ufc PPV but when I see women card in it I just deleted entire PPV without watching it

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