Day 0 "My Introduction" (Alex1354)

Hi everyone, my name its Alex, Im 24yo and I decided to transform my brain and body doing no fap but I fail very often because the urge.

I always quit because I had this feeling of “desperation” and always ends doing this auto-sabotage on my own. I tried no-fap once and I done 30 days, but after that I couldn’t last longer…

Somedays I feel this like a no-sense challenge but all of that thoughts changed after I discover this (and others) communities online. Im happy to read some of your diaries and post here and Im happy of finally discover people like me trying to cure this addiction and be better.
I wont fap tomorrow guys… And I expect score 90 days (at least) this time.
Im also happy of discover this app. If you want to write me you’re welcome.


@Alex1354 : great that you embarked on this journey! And best of luck. It is worth it.


@Alex1354 : i personally find it a good idea to join some challenges. It is more fun to be doing nofap as a team and to spur each other on


im interested in that, tell me about it, im still new in this app

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Welcome to the rewire community @Alex1354
I highly recommend you this group.

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There are also a few others. Like “challenge a companion”. Just check out which one has the best vibe. Feel free to send me a direct message if you prefer.

Im trying 90 days aways from PMO.
Im 3/90, would be great have a companion :muscle:t2:

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I am happy to do that. Here’s my sharing code: e7aa584730d7e2897 (or e7aa58)

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What’s your sharing code?

my code its: sm0nul
sorry if I couldnt reply fast, I was bussy those days

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