Daily "Minidiary" group


Hello there! I was wondering about starting again my diary, but I realized that I don’t have much time to write it. So I have created a new fastest way to write a diary, that won’t take more than a minute to be written.

This is the “Microdiary” skeleton:

Day: (Your current streak)
Energy: 1 to 10 (How are your energy levels)
Emotions: (Are you sad, or happy? just write it)
Urges: 1 to 10 (How strong were the urges today)
Observations: (Want to add something else?)

I invite all of you guys to start a microdiary. Seing how is our companions’ journey going will motivate us to stay strong and fight for a better life.

Optional: You can add your friend code.



Day: 27
Energy Level: 9
Emotions: Feeling like a conqueror💪
Urges: 1
Observations: No more Pimples/Acne, My Self Confidence has increased :blush:, I feel proud on myself!
Sharing Code: xcorcn


Day: 7
Energy: 4/10
Emotions: Motivated, Calm
Urges: 2/10
Observations: Motivated to go for more days, with energy but not as when im 30 days. Urges are easy to fight.
Code: 65feff (added you @Invincible_Knight).

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Day: 0
Energy: 0/10
Emotions: Devastated, weak, ashamed and with pain in whole body.
Urges: 6/10
Observations: Rethinking the events. The most difficult thing for me is knowing that I lost everything after 104 days without fap and 28 without porn, but now I’m accepting it and I know I gain a lot of experience and that this fall will make me stronger. I will never give up.
Sraring code: 1b5335


This is not only a diary group but an acountability group. If you need help, ask for it. Im here for you.

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Day: 8
Energy: 5/10
Emotions: Relaxed
Urges: 1/10
Observations: Not very energetic but focused on my nofap journey. Climbing a bit every day, i’ll get to the top.

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Day: 9
Energy: 6/10
Emotions: Focused
Urges: 2/10
Observations: Im having tons of exams and work, im focused on it and I dont have much time to do other stuff.


Day: 2
Energy: 5/10
Emotions: Not really happy nor sad🤷‍♂️ feeling empty
Urges: 2
Observations/Thoughts: girl texted me but i ignored because I’m not rly interested. friends seem to exclude me lately. Thinking alot.

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Day: 10
Energy: 3/19
Emotions: Tired
Urges: 3/10
Onservations: I feel very bad. My head hurts and also my back does. I think it is because im going through a flatline.

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Day: 3
Energy: 5/10
Emotions: neutral
Urges: 3/10
Observations: More attention from girls :slight_smile:


Day: 60
Energy: 7/10
Emotions: Little anxiety
Urges: 8/10
Observations: strong urge after many days of calmness. But I didn’t give in :metal:


Day: 4
Energy: 6/10
Emotions: feeling pretty good
Urges: 3/10
Observations: skin getting better and better, attraction to girls is increasing, attention from girls is increasing too


Day: 70
Energy: 3/10
Emotions: Good
Urges: 2/10
Observations: Needs to be more productive

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Day: 11
Energy: 2/10
Emotions: Tired, Little bit sad
Urges: 2/10
Observations: Im at very low energy levels, im going throught a flatline. I was thinking on the past ang getting a bit sad, but still being motivated to nofap.
Nofap is the best that can happen to me.


Day: 12
Energy: 2/10
Emotions: Well, neutral
Urges: 3/10
Observations: Today I woke up very tired. It was a suffer from me to be on the class at 8:00 A.M., but I started feeling better during the day.
When I have a sexual think, I just say on my mind NO! and its over. But today I had one which was harder to tame off from mi mind, I had to say no some times.

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Day: 4
Energy: 7/10
Emotions: Motivated
Urges: 7/10 In morning, 2/10 in evening
Observations: After three bad days I am recovering hope

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Day: 71
Energy: 1/10
Emotions: Good
Urges: 1/10
Observations: Needs to do some exercise

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Day : 3
Energy : 3
Emotions : sad and depressed
Urges : 3
Observation : I am on a flatline and my exams are going on :sob:

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Day: 14
Energy: 2/10
Emotions: Ok
Urges: 3/10
Yesterday I couldn’t write my daily diary because I was ill and to tired for writing, and I felt asleep.
Today I woke up with a wet dream. The wet dream has relaxed me a bit, but also filled my energy.
Still motivated with my nofap journey. I love nofap.


Energy: 6/10
Emotions: excitement
Observations: heavy urges are hitting me today,I feel desperate for women