D-Day Battle ⚔

D-Day Battle :crossed_swords:

This group is created to hold people accountable. The sole motive is to forge a habit of repetition everyday, day-in day-out giving your best shot. We all have times when we are motivated to do something, to change our life, to pull ourselves out from misery. We make plans, strategise; but when it comes to execution we can’t keep up. So here we have Strong people who wanna be the makers of their destiny. We are all brothers here, we’ll keep each other in check, help in tough times and rise together.

“The Victory Count”(the point system)

To make game more exhilarating we have a point system called "The Victory Count.
-Every Soldier will decide 5 Daily Missions for himself.
-Apart from that Every soldier will decide a fixed daily wake-up time, and target work hours. The work hours will include the hustle toward primary objective in your life. Work can be studying for exams, office work to get promotion, training for a match, etc.
-Work, Missions will have to be completed every day except for Sundays. But waking up time should be same for all days.
-Each Mission completed will count as 1 Victory, and each Victory will carry 5 points.
Waking up on time = Victory(5 points)
5 Tasks = 5 Victories(5 points each)
-Each Mission undone will deduct 2 points.

Honors of The Soldiers

-The Soldiers who complete all the Missions for the day will be honored the title,“The Perfectionist of the Day
-The one with most points will at the end of a week will be honored with the title, “Sharp Shooter”.


Sharing code - od7ore
Current streak - 17 days
Highest streak - 80 days
Age - 17
Wake up Time- 5am
Missions- Yoga, Exercise, Affirmations, Meditation, Om Chanting
Target Working Hours = 6 hours

CS -8
HS - 78
SC - thxmdu

Age- 23
Cs- 0
Hs- 7
Sc- n1xqbz



Each Mission done stands for 1 victory carrying 5 points each.
Each Mission left undone- 2 points deducted.
The total score without any deduction should be written in the positive score section.
Week 1 03/05/21-09/05/21
Positive Score-

Positive Score-

Positive Score-20


CS -8
HS - 78
SC - thxmdu

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Age- 23
Current streak- 0
Highest streak- 7
Sharing cide- n1xqbz
Yoga , workout, increase height
Working hour 7
Wake up time 6 am

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Soldiers please give your Missions, wakeup time and target working hours i’ll update it

Also the challenge is starting tomorrow.

Gear up Boys


Age - 28
Sharing Code - thxmdu
Current Streak - 8
Highest Streak - 78
Wake up Time - 4:30 AM
Mission - Yoga, Exercise, Pranayam, Affirmation, Detailed Planning for next day
Target Working hours - 8

@Deadpoolgupta I am unable to update score board
how about you @ragul0777

Sharing code - f8e4fe
Current streak - 31 days
Highest streak - 31 days
Age - 21
Wake up Time- 5am
Missions (lowest target) : Exercise (Legs + walk) , Meditation(15 minutes), read (30 minutes) , practice piano (30 minutes)

Target Working/studying Hours = 9 hours

I never fully commited to even half my schedule, hopefully this time I will, good luck guys

It’s not editable bro… @_KarmaYogi
@Deadpoolgupta needs to make that post as wiki then only we can edit scoreboard

Sharing code - 5okgss
Current streak - 11hrs
Highest streak - 21 days
Age - 26yr

Wake up Time- 5am
No Peeking/ No PMO
Missions- Affirmation/gratitude, Meditation, Reading self help book, selfcare habits, socialize.
Sleep early 11pm

@Ash_Matt @neveragaintw please make a scoreboard


@_TIGER Bhai ke bina har contest adhura hai …ab mja aayega

brothers i dont know how to create a wiki.
@_KarmaYogi built the scoreboard and then i edited it. now i dont know why you guys are unable to edit it now

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And guys, this thread will be managed by, all of us. I created this thread, doesn’t mean that I will decide everything, we all are in this together. This is a decentralized thread

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Checking in
:white_check_mark: Wake up Time- 5am
:white_check_mark: Yoga
:white_check_mark: Exercise,
:white_check_mark: Affirmations,
:white_check_mark: Meditation,
:white_check_mark: Om Chanting
:white_check_mark: Target Working Hours = 6 hours

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Checking in 3/5/21
:white_check_mark: wake up at 5 am
:white_check_mark: exercise (legs + walk)
:white_check_mark: practice piano (30m+)
:white_check_mark: Meditate (20m+)

:x: read (didnt read at all)
:x: study 9 hours (did only 2)

Q: what affirmation means?
Q: what helps you work/study for long hours??

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Checking in 3/5/21

:x: wake up by 4:30 AM
:white_check_mark: Exercise + Yoga
:x: Affirmation
:x: Detailed Planning for next day
:x: 6 Pomodoro for work, 2 pomodoro for study

Checking in 3/5/21

Wake up Time- 5am :white_check_mark:
No Peeking/ No PMO :white_check_mark:
Reading self help book✅
selfcare habits :x:
Sleep early 11pm :x:

Brothers please choose 5 missions aper from from waking up time and working hours. Those 5 mission will be used to give you points, you can do additional missions but they will not be given points on.


4/5/21, 5 am -11:30pm

Wake up Time- 5am :white_check_mark:
Missions :
Exercise (Legs + walk) :x:
Meditation :x:
read :x:
practice piano :x:

Study (11 hours) :white_check_mark: