Connection between gaming & pornography

Last time my streak was 54 days and then I thought of playing pubg which I gave up playing, then I kept playing it for a long time and then I got very angry because I was losing the game again and again …And then I had no control over my own anger and excitement and I started watching porn back and relapse, Does the chance of PMO increase due to gaming and my current streak is 90 day and during this streak I never play pubg but I am just now thinking whether to install the game back or should I install this game back or not…


I used to think the same. Each time I watched Youtube or Twitch or played games I started to watch porn eventually.

I currently think that it is a different way.
Either you feel bad (bored, tired …) and you start playing games but that doesn’t help with your boredom. Or (in my case) out of habit I watch youtube. But actually, I don’t really wanna watch. That makes me feel frustrated because it doesn’t make me happy. In your case, playing games makes you angry because you loose.

It is always the same thing. We feel bad -> we wanna flee from the bad feeling so we watch porn. I think it is nicely described by Cognitive Dissonance. A difference between how you wanna feel and how you do feel. And this difference makes you act in a way to reduce this tension.

So, I don’t think that it is gaming which makes you watch porn. Or youtube which makes me watch porn. It is an inner tension because we don’t feel how we want us to feel. Some people then tackle the problem and do something about it and others (we) try to flee from the tension and watch porn


Like @neveragaintw said, we experience something that makes us feel bad and we try to cope/flee by using porn. That’s been our “medicine”. Watching porn is not the actual “problem”, it’s the symptom to our problems.

Kind of related is this tool, the “happiness index”. It’s basically about grading yourself in different areas so you can identify what makes you unhappy and how your actions (or in some cases not doing something) contribute to your unhappiness. Read here:

Take care.


Well for me there ain’t a connection really. I did watch porn and I am also a gamer, but never really ran to porn when gaming gone bad.

But I don’t wanna be a kill joy or anything, but there are games with sexual content. This in it self as a direct link to porn. Maybe in playing these games and you have arousal out of it could cause you to want to experience the same stimulus as when you did play the game with the content.

Like @anon13059885 said our emotions also play a role in what we do, because as you experienced porn it was making you from depro/angry or any negative emotion turn in to a happy chilled relaxed kinda feeling. And your brain craves the calm. So whatever bad emotion that triggers you the brain just wants out and if porn gets you there then that’s what it wanna have to get back to the chill it will use porn.

So yeah just stay strong and figure a way out to stay porn free to get your emotions in line. Try to figure a way out of you negative emotion through a new habit or the easiest is just to quit the game or youtube or whatever till you can control yourself.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


But I have heard that video games release up to 100% of dopamine, which is released during sexual intercourse, which could also be the reason I get back into PMO addiction. Could this be the reason And I have also read in an article that most of the porn addicts are gamers

Not exactly , but there is only connection really if you play games with sexual content.

See dopimine is more like a reward hormone (feel good) hormone. It is released as a reward to your body to feel good. It is like when you eat chocolate you also get a release of oxytocin and a little bit of dopimine as the chocolate makes you feel good as it has an amazing taste.

Anything basically that makes you feel amazing will be a response of the brain to release dopimine, it is just to cause your body to repeat the action again and again to receive the pleasure , hence this is what happens when we have an addiction and why it is hard to come of an addiction. Like we have withdrawal symptoms or feel insecure or sometimes depro. Like I said the body is use to as certain level of thing going on in the body once it goes out of balance it wants to react to achieve the old levels regardless of what it is to achieve balance or ‘normal’ levels again.

Hope this clarifies it a bit more and I could be wrong abot the oxytocin as I am not a doctor, but have heard about it and I had biology in school and remember some of the stuff vaguely. So I stand corrected should I am mistaken.

Stay strong and awesome! Good luck